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:: 12.09.2000 ::

My car still won't start. Well, I didn't try it again, but I think it is pretty dead. Next step is to think of a way to get it on down to the mechanics on monday morning.

So, with the car dead, we rode our bikes up College to Barney's for dinner. These two complete bros sat down next to us and started making fun of the waitress, and then going on to say how they'd "do her, but her feet were too big." So the bro in the N.Y. Jets huge t-shirt takes off his sweatshirt and gives the entire room a peek at his big fat hairy belly. Eww. They were totally listening to our conversation too...we were playing the "marry them, have a one night stand with them, and throw them off a cliff" game where, upon given a choice of three mutually known people, you pick one to do each with. Anyway, anytime I'd give a list of three girls, the bros would totally shut up so they could listen for the response. I can just picture them saying "Dude, girl on girl action." Sheesh.

So we rode up the street and bought holiday cards and a shiny belt, and looked into windows at "The Greek House," a store purveying all sorts of college Greek crap. We want to get some glasses, fake license plates, goofy hats, and especially the doormat. Could you imagine having a tacky colorful Phi Kappa Beta doormat?

Planning on going to The Parkway tonight to see This Is Spinal Tap and have a pint or two. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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Wow, my bad hot coffee is actually pretty good cold coffee. The design is *almost* done, and it still hasn't rained yet. I'm thinking about archiving the years of "diary" entries I had before all this Blogger stuff existed. I've switched from coffee to beer. PJ Harvey to David Gray. Thinking about putting Pulp on, and what's for dinner.

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Caffeinated like fuck, going to finish the design today with some html I lifted from another log. Oh well, just call me a pirate. PJ Harvey is blasting, and the clouds are coming in. I hope it doesn't rain, I usually like the rain quite a bit, but since my car died last night, it would be very hard to get anywhere.

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:: 12.08.2000 ::

I forgot to put the beer in the refrigerator last night, so after an hour of patient waiting, I have taken my bottle of Staropramen out of the freezer. Nice.

I finally got Winamp to work right with my stereo. I fiddled around with all the controls I could find until things sounded normal. Now I'm sitting here listening to the newest Placebo record with the comfort of my stereo instead of my crappy little PC speakers. Hopefully if I get that new soundcard from Minidisco that I'm wanting for Christmas, I'll have the digital connection hooked up. Now all I need is DSL or Cable Internet.

I'm still trying to figure out my top-ten albums of the year. It's actually a pretty difficult task, because at first it's hard to actually *think* of ten decent records that came out this year. It's also hard because i've been listening to The Beatles almost non-stop for over a month now. I haven't really put anything else on. If anyone who might read this has a suggestion, email me stat.

I'm still fudging with the text for this log. I can't seem to get the main cell to have a black background. I'm working on it, really.

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Good morning. Good morning. Where are my clucking chickens? So, I'm here at work and all the people I like are here, and all the people I'm not overly fond of aren't. What a great way to start the day, that and a little Sgt. Pepper's. We're even sending the intern to get coffee.
So I'm fussing with the color on here, it's actually pretty well planned out in the template, it just needs a little specialized fussing. Lovely Rita.

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:: 12.07.2000 ::

First in my weblog moment: 3 paragraphs of lost content. I have no idea what happened, it just disappeared. Bloody hell.

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Wow. I was half listening to the radio this morning, and found out that Mario Lemieux is going to make a comeback with the Pittsburgh Penguins. I always liked Lemieux, I think he's great for hockey, and even better for Pittsburgh. One more reason to think about moving there.

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:: 12.06.2000 ::

Probably the most boring day I've had doing deliveries on a Wednesday. I started off the morning with a mixed up playlist in the truck, which included The Beatles' Hard Days Night, Bad Religion's Against the Grain (which I sung along to at the top of my lungs, surprised I still knew almost every word), and Boys Life's Departures and Landfalls. Phew.
Absolutely nothing interesting out on the road. I didn't even catch the "Pest of the Month" on the billboard outside of Petaluma. Back early I grumbled around at work until quitting time.
Just got back from dinner with my dad and my brother. Horrible food at some pasta restauraunt in Walnut Creek. The food was bad, and the room, although nice, had two huge windows that looked out onto the Shell Station across the street. Very bad. Train trip back I read the new SF Weekly. I think I'm going to go see A Hard Day's Night in the theater..when else would I ever have the chance. Sitting here listening to the Sharks vs. Stars game, pondering nothing in particular. Tomorrow?

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