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:: 12.30.2000 ::

Still sick. I took to resting just about all day so as to be in a suitable form for the New Year festivities. I have the weirdest headache, it's ok when I'm lying down, but the second I stand up it feels as if I'm getting hit from all sides by tiny pins. Rather uneventful day, except that I got my haircut. I was beginning to grow rocker hair, it was scaring people. Watched the Sharks get wholloped by Vancouver, and have retired to the bedroom, waiting for the Vicks to kick in that will hopefully knock me out tonight. Sweet dreams (me), and Happy New Year (you).

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:: 12.29.2000 ::

I woke up at 5 a.m. with the nastiest "I'm gonna puke" feeling in my stomach, but somehow managed to coax myself back to sleep. All my suspicions of "sick" were confirmed when the alarm went off at 7. So, for the first time in recent memory, I had to call in sick to work. Slept until 9:30, dragged myself out of bed, and headed down to the grocery store for sick items. Filled the cart with orange juice, soup, and coffee (can't not have coffee), realized that the hippies at Whole Foods don't carry Advil (sweet, blessed Advil), so continued on downtown and hit up the bookstore for sick-day reading as well as Safeway for a big ole' bottle of Advil.

Hours later I'm feeling better. Almost normal, really. So now I'm (gratefully) stuck with a day at home. It gives me time to make that tape for my brother, and to read my Beatles book, and generally relax. Without meaning to, I've given myself a 4 day weekend!

We're going down to Santa Cruz for the New Years. We did the same thing last year, and had an absolute blast. We had this big house in the forest to ourselves and danced 2000 in to Pulp's "Disco 2000" (of course) and all woke up the next morning and slowly prepared a huge breakfast.

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:: 12.28.2000 ::

Coffee now, typing later! I think everyone at work is now aware that I go get good coffee every morning, and now everyone wants me to get them some too. I can't carry 10 coffee cups. So, I get to play favorites.

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:: 12.27.2000 ::

I'm not a Penguins fan or anything (although I'm quite fond of the city of Pittsburgh), but I'm really excited for Mario Lemieux's comeback game. Of course, they're only showing it on ESPN2, and our crappy cable provider doesn't have it. Of course, they have about a million shopping channels and other crappy channels, but we don't have ESPN2. Sucks to me be sometimes, but not very often.

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:: 12.26.2000 ::

Not many people may be working today, but it seems as if everyone and their mother is shopping at yuppie-central down the street from my work today. Hazards of going to get coffee at peets included:
  • Idiotic mothers shoving their strollers out of Restoration Hardware with no regard to those (me) walking by on the sidewalk.
  • Slobbering yuppie-dogs tethered to poles trying to trip passers-by.
  • Screaming children inside cramped cafes.
  • SUVs with no regard to those crossing the street.
  • Mothers yelling at the poor cafe workers about everything from the foam on their "cafe mocha" to how hot they wanted their apple juice heated up for their annoyed toddler.

Perhaps I complain too much, but it was such a zoo of all sorts of things I find disgusting. If all the annoying people weren't enough, my Minidisc player's battery ran out, and for some reason it doesn't feel like charging. Now I'm stuck at work with no music, left to listen to the sound of humming (freezers, refrigerators, lights) and loud telephones, and piercing doorbells. Things aren't really all *that* bad, but I'm afraid that one little annoyance will make everything unbearable.

I have no idea why they don't make a litle holder for AA batteries on Minidisc players. I'm going to have to take mine down to those schmucks at Circuit City and then wait 2 weeks to get it back. Bah!

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This lady at work who has those really really long intricately designed fingernails just came over to me looking for something to numb her new wound. Apparently, she was making her bed and her fingernail got caught under the mattress and she yanked it off. Fucking ouch. Now I know for certain that those things are dangerous.

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Damn. There is *nobody* at work today. Not just at my job either, but there was nobody on the roads this morning (I got to work 15 minutes early, and that was *after* I went and got coffee,) and the net is faster than lightening, which leads me to believe half of the dot-commies are still up in the mountains, or wherever they go for vacations.

I lag on my top-ten list. I really do. I think I'm just going to do the entire thing and then publish it all at once instead of this countdown thing, I just don't have the time for it. So far the only thing I've been consistent with on this site is the MP3 of the week. I can do something right, can't I?

I have lots of good stories from over the weekend. One that I'll always remember was our waitress at my favorite restaurant getting proposed to by her boyfriend. It was really touching actually, and I don't even believe in marriage. I think everyone in the room cried a little bit, except, uh, me of course. So, we lost our waitress and had to pull another one off of some other tables so that we could get another bottle of wine opened. Got to have wine, it's an absolute necessity.

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:: 12.24.2000 ::

I'm such a fucking lag. At least I've got the new MP3 of the week up. Off to my parent's respective houses. Drink good wine.

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