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:: 1.06.2001 ::

So I put my top-ten up, although with no personal accounts of the merits/demerits of each. I just haven't gotten around to it, but I got tired of flaking (on myself, only) so I put it up. I think the design looks like absolute hell. It's all shite actually. I have the html skills of a 16 year old in 1993. I remember when I put up my first website, I couldn't even see it 'cause I was publishing on a 286 laptop the size of a microwave, and it didn't have enough memory to run Netscape. I remember getting really excited when I found out about the blink code (I don't even know if that code works any longer).

I sucked it up and joined a webring. I have never done such a thing. The day went quickly, lots of waking up and sleeping again, a little city action for clothes, a little Canadian Burger to make the day go nicely. We finally sucked it up and went for an open house at an apartment in a not-so-desireable area of town, and as luck would have it, the showing was cancelled. We scouted out the building, and besides some ratty falling down screens, everything looked pretty nice. Apartment hunting is, I think, the most stressful activity I can think of.

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:: 1.05.2001 ::

It's the weekend. La Siciliana tonight for the best Italian food in the world. David Gray on the stereo. I think I have that elated feeling you get after being sick for so long, and then finally feeling better.

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How the hell did this ever happen? I used to like Star Wars alot, well, just as much as the next high school geek who used to sneak into the University of California's computer labs to go on the "world wide web" before the Internet was a household word. I had never heard of "Star Wars Holiday Special" and now I want to see it more than almost anything. Well, I want to see The Kingdom II more than this, but that's about it.

I did a little wee bit of web research last night and found out that, indeed, Garbrielle Carteris who played Andrea Zuckerman on 90210, was, indeed, 29 years old when she was supposed to be playing a high school junior. I was joking when I thought she was 30, but I was actually just about right.

I'm finally feeling better. I even had a pint last night.

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s.l.o.w. s.e.r.v.e.r.

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:: 1.04.2001 ::

I used to carry around this little pad of paper in my pocket to write things down on so that I wouldn't forget them, but I got tired of the little spindle coming loose and poking me in the ass. Now I just forget everything. When I worked my horrible high-rise office job, I used little post-it notes to jot down songs to put on tapes for people, and now I think I might start that practice again so that I'll remember to put some songs on a tape for my brother. Otherwise, I'll forget to put stuff like the first song off Teenage Fanclub's "Bandwagonesque". It's just not the type of thing I'd remember.

The major major perk of doing deliveries on Wednesdays is that I can stop by the beach for 15 minutes just to walk around. Yesterday there was nobody else around, and I stood on a cliff overlooking the Pacific singing Hum songs with my walkman cranked up. One more good reason not to live in Montana.

I want to start keeping a movie log, so that I can remember which movies I've seen and which I haven't. Last night I saw Young Poisoner's Handbook, and the night before that we watched The Wedding Banquet and The Beverly Hills 90210 Pilot. I couldn't believe how geeky the kids at the high school looked, and the fact that Anrdrea Zuckerman looks 30 but is supposed to be in High School. How old was she when that episode was filmed? I'm going to find out.

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:: 1.02.2001 ::

Sick. Blah. Sick of being sick, sick of my roomates, sick of the perma-mess in the kitchen, sick of the garbage sitting around, sick of high heating prices. It's been a rather un-happy New Years, really. Are *all* roomates bad, or just mine? I think common sense was lost along the way to those born in the 80s. 1979 was the last good year to be born in, it seemed to preempt the strip-mall/consumer culture mindset, not lifestyle mind you, but mindset. Now people don't seem to care that they're absolutely *surrounded* by Wal-Mart/Target/Ross/Best Buy/Good Guys/Circuit City/Toys 'R Us/Bed Bath and Beyond strip-mall fields, and that there really is no escape.

Take advertising. Heard on the radio today that some small town in some small state doesn't have enough money to buy a fire-engine. Oh poo. They don't want to raise taxes at all (just the idea sets them off...what are taxes for anyway?), so they're going to plaster the fucking fire-engine with advertisements and drive the thing around, a publicly owned thing, like a billboard-on-wheels equipped with hoses and ladders. Next they'll have companies sponsoring each job they do. "Well, we put out that-there fire on Elm street with the Budweiser (tm) Fire Hydrant, using the McDonalds hose."

Oh, and we saw a street actually called Disk Drive. But that made me laugh more than puke.

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:: 12.31.2000 ::

I actually slept like a normal person last night. I'm pretty relieved to be better enough to have a decent New Years.

New MP3 of the week, 'cause I rule.

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