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:: 1.26.2001 ::

(listening to: Ride: Carnival Of Light)

So, I was driving back from lunch today and saw this huge tow-truck backing down the street. I pulled my car up to see where it was going and saw a huge pile of wreckge, a stalled Amtrak train, and the trailer from a big-rig cut in half. There were about 30 people standing around staring at the wreckage, pacing back and forth with the feeling that they should do something, but there was nothing to actually be done. I turned the car around and dragged Miss Rodeo America and her boss to enage in some wreckage viewing over the fence by their office. I hoppd over the fence and landed on a pile of broken glass, but found enough bravery to walk down the tracks a bit to gather a better look. The train didn't come off the tracks at all, and I could just about imagine the bored look on the commuters faces who were trapped inside. I wonder if the driver was O.K.

It reminded me of another tragedy that occured two blocks from my work. A couple years ago, during a horrendous storm, a huge tree fell down and crushed a car that was sitting at the stoplight. The man inside was killed instantly, and probably never saw or heard anything coming. There are still flowers around the tree stump. That could have been me.

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:: 1.25.2001 ::

(listening to: The Beatles: Abbey Road)

Finally found a decent music site where people are actually honest. It's been a long time coming, I hope they keep their honesty and don't let the bitchy/confrontational indie-music journalism scene get in their blood.

I can now say that I have seen the worst, most hurtful film ever made. Sure, I did it to self-inflict the pain, but I didn't know it would hurt *that* bad. I could go on for hours detailing the actual reasons for the heavy load of suck that this movie has, but I can sum it up by saying: nothing at all made sense. Of course, that movie is Battlefield Earth.

I tried looking at this site using Netscape on a Mac, and I didn't like what I saw. It seems that none of the titles for the album graphics and movie titles there on the left are popping up when you drag your mouse over them. Of course, I have no idea how to remedy the problem, so for now you'll just have to use Explorer. If you know how to fix things, let me know.

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(listening to: The Beach Boys: Pet Sounds)

Somehow the rain cleared up yesterday and I had an absolutely gorgeous drive through Sonoma county. Large, low flying puffy clouds floated past over the hills and cast their shadows over the grazing cows and expansive vineyards. Everything was still a little wet and glistening from the rain, making for near perfect scenery. I've decided to pick up a new CD or two every Friday, keep things going in a way. Yesterday I snagged this Beach Boys album that I've been meaning to get for a long time now, as well as the first Black Heart Procession album. Nice stuff. The bearded hippie guy at the record store chatted with me about their upcoming show (which I'm not attending) and generally wished me well on my day. Smaller town people are so nice sometimes, I've taken to waving at them as I drive and they almost always wave back as if I'm one of them.

Some of the towns up there such as Healdsburg and Windsor have taken to advertising themselves with websites. I haven't decided how I feel about the concept yet. I got out quick and got a sandwhich and some soup and sat outside and read the paper. People up there who don't know each other will share a table and chat about farming/kids/sports and then bid each other farewell and leave. Amazing.

I'll talk about the hockey game later. I think I should work now.

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:: 1.23.2001 ::

(listening to: Built To Spill: Ultimate Alternative Wavers)

I really don't mind the simple design of my site. There are so many sites out there with a beautiful looking layout, and then either *no content* or links that are too complicated to navigate. I just had to get that off my chest.

I just went through and caught up on a bunch of band sites that I had neglected for quite awhile now. I should really read these things more often, 'cause I found a new Papa M MP3 on his website. A new EP is on the way, soon. Something to look forward to.

It's raining again, and the cold is leaking in under the window and making my little fingers shiver over the keyboard. I think we're staying in tonight to torture ourvselves with a viewing of Battlefield Earth. We heard that it makes your eyes bleed and want to find out. I'm really looking forward to that hockey game tomorrow. Miss Rodeo America just wants to see blood on the ice. What else to say but Bitchin?

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(listening to: The Smiths: The Smiths)

Three-step recipe for a vile American society:

1. George W. (and I don't mean Washington)
2. Temptation Island (the show where it's impossible to differentiate between the temptors and the temped)
3. Truck Nutz. No explanation needed.

Heaven help us.

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:: 1.22.2001 ::

(listening to: Bola: Soup)

Saw Jean-Luc Godard's "Breathless" last night. Miss Rodeo America fell asleep, but I really enjoyed the film, although it's hard to think the hero is cool and sexy when Jean-Paul Belmondo looks like a tanned cross between Roy Schneider and Gilligan. Really great looking movie nonetheless, I really liked the shot where Patricia is being followd by the policeman, who is in turn being followed by Michel. They showed this shot of a military procession framed between two trees, and all you can make out is the police escort motorcyles driving in this "V" formation. Really good scene, I thought. One detraction from this version was that the subtitles were complete shite, they seemed to have left out lots of dialogue and slang that would have livened up the plot a bit.

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(listening to: Bola: Soup)

Another dull working day. Not as bad as last week, but bad enough that I wrote down a weblog on a stray piece of cardboard. It seems strange to be in the 21st century and I don't have my own computer at work.

Looks like they'll be a new Air album this spring to go along with the next Radiohead album. I listened to Pablo Honey today and again realized what a great album it was for the time period it was released. Everyone in the early '90s was so obsessed with Jesus Jones and EMF and hair bands still, and Pablo Honey, albeit far inferior to the rest of their releases, still stand out as a gem in my opinion.

Going to watch the Sharks v. Edmonton game tonight on TV as to prepare myself for my second live hockey event of the season on Wednesday. It might be nice to curl up on the couch for an evening, perhaps give my cold a good kick in the proverbial ass.

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:: 1.21.2001 ::

(listening to: Elvis Costello & the Attractions: My Aim Is True)

Another MP3 of the week. Do I rule the school on time or what? This one has been my favorite sing-along song ever since I was so distracted while listening to it, I drove right on by the futon store and had to turn around two blocks later. So, so good. Of course, Greg Dulli says "Baby" in that sultry way, so it *has* to be good. It was either that or Annie Mae of the same album, which is a good song 'cause you can sing anything that sounds like Annie Mae in that falsetto and it sounds good. "Give me Hay! Give me Hay!"

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(listening to: Low: Secret Name)

Can you belive that previous post took me almost three days to finish? Nothing was sounding right, so I kept waiting for it come out OK. Finally, I just wrote it. Phew. Went for another walk through the city today, including the flea-market-store called 99 Cent Bonanza! or something like that. It was full of stuff that looked like they fell of a truck somewhere. I really wanted these little silver lighters with a knife that popped out of them, just in case I was lighting a candle or something and someone tried to fuck with my shit. I'd protect my candles, dammit. I got a red bandanna with cowboy on it and a hologram Nu-Car Smell air-freshner with a plastic framed picture that changes between Jesus and Mary depending on the angle. Miss Rodeo America got a bottle of aerosol "body spray" called Sexy Siniorita (sic) which I'm going to forbid her from spraying in my car. However, I think the Nu-Car Smell and Sexy Siniorita are actually the same substance.

Got some lunch at the late-night diner, even though it was only like three o'clock, cruised back home over the bridge and conked out for a nice nap. Feeling pretty good about life now, hell, feeling good about my cold even. My nose is dripping all over the furniture and I don't mind. I was going to go see western or amscray tonight, but I don't think I'm up to late-night shenanigans with this cold. I think I'll find a way up on to the roof to watch the sun set now.

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