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:: 3.16.2001 ::

(listening to: The Gloria Record: A Lull In Traffic)

I'm having problems with this site, it keeps going down, and email being sent to me keeps bouncing back. I'm trying to resolve the issue.

So, we took a cab from our house to down by the lake last night to pick up the car, we were so ancy to get there we were 30 minutes early. We had this punk rock cab driver who was super cool and the cab had these plush seats and lounge music playing. I enjoyed being the passenger for once, it was nice to have someone driving me around. We got out and walked around for a bit, watching the commuters run around everywhere and the traffic on the freeway sitting still, all awash in red from the hundreds of breaklights.

MRA was a little ball of excitement and activity, talking all about the car, the excitement, how pretty the day was, how she just wanted to hug everyone on the street. I was feeling content with life, quiet, observant. It was a good combination at the moment. So we finally get to the apartment building where the owners lived, they came down, a little sad to be parting with their baby. We dealed for a bit, I got behind the wheel, and drove the mint green perfection mobile home. Of course, the issues started right away, since the headlights wouldn't go back on once we stopped the car. However, upon waking up this morning, I saw it parked in front of our house with the windows all fogged up and I knew that life was good.

It's my friend's 21st birthday tonight, so I'll be out on the town leaving a trail of vegetarian havok.

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:: 3.15.2001 ::

(listening to: The Lapse: Heaven Ain't Happenin')

Two days of whirlwind excitement coming to an end. I have announcements, but they'll be forthcoming for a time when I can fully divulge in an interesting manner. However, the exciting moment of my recent life, Miss Rodeo America is the proud new owner of a 1967 Volvo 122s Sedan. That's right, she drives a cool car while my meager Honda looks on sadly. It's mint green, has no seatbelts in the rear, and a huge rusthole in the trunk. It's perfect. We're watching the clock more intently than if we were at work, we get to pick up the car at 6:00...only 59 minutes to go. Did I mention we're very excited? Did I?

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:: 3.13.2001 ::

(listening to: Boards of Canada: Selections)

There are a few physical feelings that I can't stand. The first of these is sleeplessness. The second, which is how I've felt all day, is lack of appetite. I made myself a nice hot cheese & mustard sandwhich for lunch, took a few bites, and immediately felt sick. The rest of the day I've been hungry and frustrated, but I still don't want to eat. During times like these, an IV line to feed me doesn't sound too shabby.

The Biscuit City Road Fan Club, which I'm proud to say was my 2nd link, caught the eye of the guy over at Blogger and got recoginzed for his site. Good for him. It's too bad he buys a lot of The Promise Ring records and then writes about them. He made a list of "Bands who are related to the Promise Ring." It seems to me it would be a better (and longer) list to do "Bands who came from Cap n' Jazz." Start at the beginning man, that's where it begins.

Quick band rehersal tonight, the first time I'll be playing since I froze up at our show a week and a half ago. I'm really nervous, I don't know if be able to function as a real musician. We have another show tomorrow night, so I hope I recover my loss of playing ability in time.

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(listening to: Smashing Pumpkins: The Singles- 1991-1998)

There's just something about eating coffee flavored yogurt and then chasing it down with a cup of coffee to get my day going.

Life has been good, I did some laundry last night at the trashy laundromat down the street. All the dryers are free, except that the tops of them are open and flames shoot out through the air. The guys who run the place were sitting around watching Jurassic Park 2 with the volumed cranked up louder than God. I had to sit around outside to escape the noise (screaming, growling, cursing...) inside. Sat around later and watched the Sharks beat Montreal. It was quite nice. We attempted to finish What About Bob?, which was so boring and un-funny that we opted for sleep instead. Bill Murray does not too well playing "the stupid guy." He does a much better job as "the mean guy."

It's another Tuesday.

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:: 3.11.2001 ::

(listening to: The New Year: Newness Ends)

MP3 of the week:

Slower Than: As A Last Resort (click on the cover to the left to download)

A long time ago there was a little fairytale band called Slower Than. Jen, Ryan, and Arthur wrote and played songs in San Francisco, and attracted a small following. This small following, including myself, followed them around wherever they played, since not only were their songs catchy and heartfelt, they were very, very nice people. People started to notice them, and their experience culminated when they played Noisepop 1998, opening for Modest Mouse. Shortly after that experience, they released a cassette only album recorded by Wyatt of Trackstar fame called Have You Ever Heard a Smile? The band opting for wetter pastures, all packed up and moved to Portland, Oregon. I never heard them again, but I heard later on that they split up. Sad day. As A Last Resort appeared on that cassette album, as well as the Zum Audio Compilation Vol. II. Their drummer, Arthur, sang the vocals. I'm proud to say that I have every show I attended on tape somewhere. If the band ever catches up to me, they're welcome to the tapes.

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