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:: 6.09.2001 ::

(listening to: Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life)

Woke up late and tossed and turned for a bit, just couldn't get comfortable enough to go back to sleep, but was still tired enough to lay there trying. Finally got up and got some coffee and cruised on down to the mega-computer-superstore to return my flash card reader that I bought last week. I'm having the biggest pain of a time trying to get a card reader for my digital camera, you'd think this stuff would be accessible. There will be pictures on this page someday. I will get my way.

The Phoenicia show last night was alot of fun. We showed up a bit early and I ran into a couple old friends, as well as this punk kid I went to high school with. He was working security, so I kept teasing him about wanting to "manhandle" me all night. This cracked him up. He kept saying "manhandle" all night like it was a reoccuring theme to a Beavis & Butthead episode. They had a couple kegs, so I felt very collegiate waiting in line to pour a beer as we listened to some really cool electronic stuff. Everyone was very nice, I chatted with the guy doing the visuals for awhile and we agreed on the benefits of Pabst Blue Ribbon, among other things. I ran into an old friend from college who knows how to dress really well, she stood out amongst the geeks. There was a blonde girl who I swear was Parker Posey talking to this goth girl in baggy leather pants. There is nothing less attractive than baggy leather pants. Half the guys there were dressed like members of The Beastie Boys in the Fight for your Right video. Mesh baseball hats sideways,old Addidas, and basketball jerseys. A bunch of kids were dancing like they were fighting robots from an old Japanense flick, it was rather entertaining. The space was pretty nice, it had that warehouse/loft feel like the Vulcan studio we played in a few months ago, albeit cleaner.

Going to play baseball again this afternoon, and then hit up the Giants v. A's game down in Oakland with the Amscray kids.

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:: 6.08.2001 ::

(listening to: For Stars: We Are All Beautiful People)

I'd give you everything I've got for a piece of (!):

  • I've been really into Snapshot #1 and Snapshot #2 lately. The imagery is astounding. It's almost like my life in comic form, and I don't even like comics.
  • Undersized's Random Access explores what we fear most: our childhood.
  • Being a hockey fan can be very, very expensive.
  • For Stars' new album is an astoundingly honest and beautiful piece of work. Many of my friends think the record, well, sucks, but I disagree.
  • Pabst. Blue. Ribbon

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(listening to: Sparklehorse: The B-Sides)

We went to the parkway last night to watch Showgirls on the big screen. If you haven't seen Showgirls, please, please, do not see it. Your life will stay good and clean and your eyes won't hurt. You will still think breasts are pretty. Sex won't remind you of a horribly vulgar seizure. If you have seen Showgirls, then I suggest seeing it again on the big screen, in a large theater of laughing drunk people ready and willing to mock horrible cinema. I was laughing hard one minute, while cowering behind the couch the next.

I'm going to see Phoenicia play in Oakland tonight. It looks like it might even be at a house, how punk rock.

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:: 6.05.2001 ::

It's embarrasing, but sometimes buying stuff makes me happy.

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:: 6.04.2001 ::

(listening to: L'Altra: Music of a Sinking Occasion)

Finally had a real game of baseball yesterday. Showed up in the late afternoon to a beautiful field overlooking the bay on one side, the south bay (including Candlestick Point) on the other, and the third overlooked the entire downtown of San Francisco. Prime real estate on the top of Potrero Hill for our sporting leisure. Twenty people showed up to play with a few more on the sidelines, drinking Stella Artois and Budweiser out of a huge red cooler on the sidelines. The Latino guys who had the field before us stayed as spectators, drinking Modelo and Corona and pissing on the fence in full view of our scraggly fielders. I took down a Fosters Lager and did some pitching, some catching (with full pro gear), and had a couple of good hits.

After the game we went to the store and got barbeque supplies and had a wonderful post-activity party at the Folsom street house, complete with meat, veggie burgers, and the pitbull from upstairse named Zo who ran around and barked at anything that moved. We talked alot about Judaism and religion in general, as well as baseball and music. I played listener most of the time, a bit dizzy from the sun and beer. Instead of chatting away I took to sitting in the corner in my little plastic chair and taking in the entire scene.

One of the girls we were with had an accent that I couldn't place. Instead of saying "produce," as in pro-doos, she would say prah-duce. Turns out she's from Eastern Canada, go figure. Besides Miss Rodeo America and myself, I think there was only one Californian there. This entire crew are either from back East, or the Midwest, rather different than my other groups of friends.

MP3 of the week: Aren't Hum grand? Puppets comes from a single they released with the first few copies of Downward is Heavenward. Probably the best song they didn't put on the album.

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