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:: 6.14.2001 ::

We went to the Fish tuesday night to have a some beer and catch the baseball games on TV. Miss Rodeo America and I met Bird and his lady-friend down there. The Fish is a pub that's been around for like, 80 years or something. That's old for Oakland, nothing gets much older on the West Coast. The whole place is made of wood, and has writing all over the walls, as well as old baseball tickets stapled to the ceiling. Old men in t-shirts and suspenders chatted at the bar about names of University of California baseball players.

When we left, this guy uproached us carrying a plastic bag and a guitar. "Hey! You guys play guitar, don't you?" We said no and kept walking, keeping a wary eye on the scruffy guy. "I just need to tune it, man, this thing is so out of tune" he said as we walked away to the sound of him desperately trying to tune his old guitar. "Buy my CD! Buy my CD!" he screamed

As we get about a block up the street, these two yuppies approach us. The woman is about thirty, beige work dress with a matching top and pumps, obviously a little drunk, and stumbling around in an excited fashion. The man looks a little embarrased, wearing a dark suite with a colorful tie that looks like jello-vomit.

Yuppie Lady: "Can you smoke in the Kingfish?"
Me: "No, well, we didn't see anyone smoking in there."
Yuppie Lady: "Shit. Do you know a bar down here where we can smoke?"
Me: "Try Connelly's, it's just down the street. I know they won't care if you smoke in there.
Yuppie Man: "Will I look out of place there in this getup?" (points down to his suit)
Me: "Yeah, you'll stand out a bit."
Yuppie Lady: "We'll just take if off, thanks!"

The two run across the street and hop into matching silver Chryslers and speed off. That's the story of how I sent the yuppies to the punk rock / metal dive bar where the walls are covered with pictures of old guys with Budweiser Girls plastered on the walls. I can be so mean. I hope they didn't get beatdown.

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:: 6.10.2001 ::

(listening to: Hum: The Pod +2)

Amazing weather here in Northern California, today is sunny with scattered clouds and a nice cool breeze blowing at me through my window, shuffling the papers on my desk for me. My lizard, Bruce, is staring at me warily. I don't think he trusts the chill the moving air is giving him. When it's hot and stuffy in here, he's the only one who is happy.

Yesterday we had a great baseball practice at this field about 2 blocks from my house. We usually play over in San Francisco, but this time the boys came over to my side of the bay and we had extensive batting / outfield practice. We were supposed to go to the Giants v. A's game yesterday evening, but instead we opted for watching it on TV, barbecuing some hot dogs and chicken at a new friend's apartment close to downtown Oakland. We drank excellent Piña Coladas and beer and watched the Stanley Cup finals. Went to a bar afterwards and chatted for a bit before I decided to walk the long 20+ blocks home.

So now that hockey season is over, my TV viewing will decrease drastically. No more catchings parts of Behind the Music during intermission or mocking MTV for having *anything* but music on.

I will only mention this once, but my band, Amscray, is touring in late-August / early September. We're hitting Chicago first and then taking off down the East Coast. If you're in a band and would like to play, or can assist in booking, please email me. A bio as well as MP3s are available on our website.

Now I get to decide whether to go to the baseball game, or do laundry. Hmmmm...

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