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:: 8.22.2001 ::

Oh Hallelujah! It's the return of Undersized.

Off to pack envelopes with CDs to send out to radio stations. Start calling in now to request Almost by Amscray so I can talk some sense into those boys and get them to play that song live.

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:: 8.20.2001 ::

(listening to: Bjork: Post)

MP3 of the week: I always liked Creeper Lagoon, even though they were a bit overproduced on their last album, people thought they were assholes, and some of the band members were known to buy crack in my neighborhood. Still, I think the song quality stands out, and they always showed me a good time. Too bad they're gone.

Unlike most people, I had a soft spot in my heart for Sharky's songs compared to Ian's. They're a bit more, oh, I don't know, softer, smoother, laid back. Dare I say smooooooooove? Chain Smoker is one such song that I like quit a bit, while my brother skips over it constantly with a little harrumph.

Spent the weekend working on the van for tour, cutting wood, buying bolts, returning bolts, and buying more bolts. It's get-down-to-business time for tour, we're leaving in two weeks. It's all about Duluth, Minnesota.

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