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:: 9.17.2001 ::

Day: 15
Location: Brooklyn, NY
State Count: 18

All is good in New York City. This is an amazing place with the powers to heal itself in ways I could never begin to imagine. So many people getting along and comforting each other. Went and had dinner at Union Square last night, saw all the vigils set up everywhere, the pictures, the candles, the flowers, and all the hundreds of flags everywhere. Walked around SoHo and St. Marks Place, drank Tapioca Tea through big straws, had a couple drinks at Barmacy, and fell asleep on the couch at 3:30 AM, cat on my stomach, breeze coming through the window, scattered dreams, all feeling good and ready, knowing that only good things can come.

The show last night was cancelled, but the show tonight at the Continental is still happening. It's time to play some music.

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