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:: 9.29.2001 ::

(listening to: Bill Monroe: 16 Gems)

I have seen the truckstops of America.

Oakland and Miss Rodeo America never looked so good.

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:: 9.24.2001 ::

Day: 22
Location: Austin, TX
State Count: 25

Updating this site while on a tight schedule and in van for half of each day has been more difficult than I'd imagined. The last week was a flurry of activity, as are all our days out here on the road, so I'll wait to update that later.

Drove from Memphis, TN yesterday out through Arkansas, stopped in Little Rock and went to the top of the tallest building there, we had a friend who worked up there, so we looked around down at the city and the river and all the little cars driving around. Headed outside of town to the Starlite Diner and had greasy food and the worse coffee in the continuous 48 states. The food made me feel better, edged the crankiness of a bit, and we walked down to the river and threw sticks into the water to watch them splash. Speedboat wakes washed out the "AMSCRAY WUZ HERE" drawing I made in the sand, but I still feel like I"ve left my mark on that particular shore of the Arkansas river. Took off and beelined to Texas, started reading a new Springsteen biography and wanted more than anything to hear Hungry Heart, which I didn't have in the van. HIt the Texas border and things felt nice, I was back in familiar territory, everything from here on out I've seen before,. it almost feels like home, the radio stations start with "K" again, and I'm now officially, west.

Got into Austin with hugs and excitement, headed down to Stars for some late night food, chicken fried chicken sandwhich and juevos rancheros for the other boys, talking and joking and going around to see everyone. Finally went to sleep around 4:00 in a big bed with air conditioning and cute cats everywhere. Today will be good.

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