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:: 10.19.2001 ::

(listening to: Bruce Springsteen: Tracks, Part 1)

    Rules Learned Last Night

1. Kyle from AgenByte rules.
2. Miss Rodeo America rules.
3. The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up still rule.
4. Will Oldham rules.
5. Winifred E. Eye may rule someday.
6. Cory from Absolutely Kosher rules.

I guess that all means that I had a good time last night. The big surprise of the evening was that Will Oldham filled in for one of the opening acts who couldn't make it. He played six or seven songs solo on guitar, including A Minor Place and Gulf Shores, two of my favorite songs of his. (smog) had the same band he had a few months ago when I saw him, and played just as well. I drank me some Pabst. All I could think of in my head was that this life can fucking rule.

Tonight we start the festivities for Miss Rodeo America's "25 Years of Excellence" weekend. It's dinner in the sticks at a steakhouse with heads of animals on the walls. Tomorrow is the trek to Santa Cruz, and the weekend will conclude Sunday with bad movies and snack treats made from 1950s cookbooks. Happy Birthday, kitten.

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:: 10.18.2001 ::

(listening to: The Breeders: Last Splash)

Boy, the new (smog) record is good. After listening to it a couple times today, I'm more excited for their show tonight. A nice surprise too: my old practice space mates The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up are opening.

So Miss Rodeo America and I went to the date movie theater the other night and saw the new David Lynch movie, Mulholland Drive. I have to say that I liked it quite a bit, the characters were interesting *and* likeable, and the plot, well, is twisted, yet way more comprehensible than I've come to expect from Mr. Lynch. Plus, and this is the only piece of information I will reveal, Billy Ray Cyrus appears in the film. It can't get better than that.

75 Words Or Less is probably the best record review website I've seen.

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:: 10.15.2001 ::

(listening to: The Court & Spark: Bless You)

I can type on the computer, drink a beer, listen to some music, and play with the cat with my feet all at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking. Bunny the cat has decided my toes are chew-toys, so now my feet are sore and scratched up. The new Court & Spark album in phenomenal. I used to drink cheap beer with those guys before they were a solid group, but lost contact with them a couple years ago. Mariachi band would serenade us on their porch and we would tie dollars to rocks or beer caps and throw them down at the musicians. Their apartment on South Van Ness had a payphone across the street that was used regularly by pimps, they got the number for the phone and would call it occasionally and talk to them while peeking out the window. Pimps don't like it when you tease them, it makes them kick garbage cans and speed off in low-riders.

Soulseek: I can hear my time being sucked away.

(11:30 PM) ::

MP3 of the week: Miss Rodeo America and I were very, very bored on Saturday night. Around 10:45, we decided to hop in the car and drive to the boondocks, a small town called Port Costa on the Carquinez straight. Neither of us had ever been there, but a friend of ours held a birthday party at a bar there a couple years ago, so we knew there had to be *something* there.

On the freeway, we popped in Spike by Elvis Costello, and when the fourth track came on, I said "hey, this was a minor hit, huh?" Indeed it was. Co-written by Paul McCartney (who also plays bass), Veronica sound like an XTC song to me. Sweet, poppy, and very, very smart. After that, the evening went very well. We found the town, looked out over the water and at the trains going past, found a little pub, a bit swanky, had a pint, a drunk guy played the piano for us, and we saw a couple deer walking down the street. What a wonderful Saturday night.

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