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:: 11.10.2001 ::

(listening to: Sparklehorse: Live at Amoeba Records)

The rain started today around 3:15 PM, about the same time my friend and I left the Squat & Gobble cafe on Haight street and ran up to Amoeba records to catch an instore performance from producer/singer/songwriter/Virginian Mark Linkous, aka Sparklehorse. We had our proud Amoeba stickers on and got to watch the show up close from the side of the stage, lucky for us since the place was packed with kids waiting to see the band play. Decent live version of songs from two of his three albums (Saturday/Eyepennies/More Yellow Birds/Homecoming Queen/Apple Bed), but all in all the show lacked luster and tightness. The band seemed too loose for their own good, a bit too relaxed. I did enjoy the performance, and I'm hoping the real show tomorrow night will be a bit more complete. I did, however, get those good music chills running down my arms during More Yellow Birds.

Cruised around for awhile and listened to the Mark Linkous produced A Camp record, the solo project from Nina Hagen of the Cardigans. Good stuff, although some songs are a bit too Sade for my tastes. Ate a decent burrito, drank a pint of Pabst, caught the train, and ended up here at home with Bunny the cat on my lap.

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:: 11.09.2001 ::

(listening to: Richard Devine: Alemapper)

Rollings hills of potatoes.

So, Miss Rodeo America and I have decided to go to Boise, Idaho for Thanksgiving. Now, we don't have family there, nor do we really have a good reason to go other than that Miss Rodeo America has never experienced the wonder that is Idaho. As a kid my dad took us all around that fine state on vacations, and now I get to share the magic.

Last night was the first real Amscray practice since tour, and we played all new songs. It was the most amazing time I've had playing music since our first tour show in Denver. Putting some new creative stuff out there really cheered me up, got me excited about music and playing and recording all over again. On the way back, I ran into Charles Wyatt on the subway, and we had a great conversation about music and friends, the wonders of the East Bay, and his new record. Went home feeling great, had some wine and relaxed, pet my kitten, fell asleep reading. Just get through Friday and then it's the Sparklehorse weekend.

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:: 11.06.2001 ::

(listening to: Arab Strap: Philophobia)

Went and saw Donnie Darko last week. I had heard very little about the movie, so it was nice to go into something without any preconceived ideas as to quality and plot. A pretty good film from first time director Richard Kelly. The story was fine, but what bugged me a bit was that the director spelled out every plot line for the audience. I swear, sometimes you want to grab a director, shake them around and scream "SHOW DON'T TELL! SHOW DON'T TELL!" The plot was similar to the far, far superior Mulholland Drive, which hampered my ability to really appreciate the film. If you haven't seen the the David Lynch movie yet, go see the Richard Kelly movie first. Then go see Mulholland Drive to see the real deal.

See me compare the new Explosions In The Sky record to a Wrestlemania Pay-Per-View event.

Nothing much going on, other than that. It's all about clockwatching this week.

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:: 11.04.2001 ::

(listening to: The Pixies: Live at the Brixton Academy)

My weekend is going well, I have discovered Indiepop Live for all my MP3 download needs. Actually, I was looking for some live Dismemberment Plan and ended up there. Good, good stuff. Went through boxes of my old bootleg tapes and pulled a few out for transfer to minidisc, which is what I'm doing now. Bunny the cat is watching Miss Rodeo America read and wonder at a cookbook from 1913. Bunny wants to help her read by sitting on the pages. Bunny likes to help.

MP3 of the week: The fine folks here in the Bay Area are lucky to have For Stars. Their recent album, We Are All Beautiful People hasn't rubbed everyone the right way, but what impresses me is that the songs start off sounding kinda, well, blah. However, once they get going Carlos Forster & company pull tricks with brilliant transitions and chord changes while his quivering voice floats over the music like high-pitched fog. How It Goes is one of the more upbeat songs on the record, with clanking toy piano sounds flying every which way.

Since it's winter and music sounds best in the cold, here are a couple bonus MP3s, both of which I recorded on tour.

Crooked Fingers: When U Were Mine (live in Austin, Texas)
Biscuit City Road: Television (live in Rhode Island, 9/18/2001)


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