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:: 1.19.2002 ::

(listening to: Ragin' Cajun Radio)

The Amscray show last was a lot of fun, we played pretty well, and seemed to get this enthusiastic audience response, so, I couldn't hope for more. It was our first show in Berkeley, and, coincidentally, the closest show to my house, which was nice. All the other bands were pretty good, nothing incredibly outstanding, but entertaining nonetheless. I have some pictures of The Cables and Good For You that I'll probably post somewhere someday. Until then, today's daily photo is a shot of the frontman from the Cables.

So I got home at 1:30 from the show, then I had to be up at 4:30 to setup a booth for the California Kindergarten Teacher conference over in SF. A very strange feeling, trucking over the bridge at 5:30 am without the aid of coffee or sleep, but I managed to get everything setup, get some breakfast, and make it home to sleep by 9:30. I swear, teachers have the worst fashion sense. Half of the booths at the conference had the tackiest middle-aged lady gear, tacky dresses and all kinds of clunky country-clutter namebadge holders and whatnot. Completely ugly *and* unflattering.

Oh, and I'm all into this Ragin' Cajun radio station today, I've had it on most of the afternoon, listening to cajun zydecko and country stuff sung in foreign languages. The station is based somewhere along the bayou, so you know it's totally the real deal.

Dinner at our favorite East Bay restaurant tonight, and then sweet, sweet sleep.

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:: 1.18.2002 ::

(listening to: Neu!: Neu! 4)

Bunny Comes Off The Drugs

He's not so loopy anymore, but now he just wants that blasted cone thing off his head. It's frosty this morning in Oakland, the closest we get to having a winter.

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:: 1.17.2002 ::

(listening to: The Flaming Lips: The Soft Bulletin)

The vet called, and Bunny's operation was successful. Apparently when they tried to insert a catheter, he fought and clawed at bit at the vet even though he was sedated. So, they had to gas him to put him out too. Needless to say, we're proud that he fought like a champ, but we're glad the ordeal is over.

Last night we went a local pub for a few glasses of sweet, sweet Canadian White Ale, and were lucky enough to see a pretty good bluegrass band play while we were there. Miss Rodeo America sang along to a couple songs, and I tapped my feet happily, although I was tempted to throw bottles at people who kept yelling "Woooo-hoooo!" and "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! HAW!" Stupid yuppies. (Oops, there's that word again.)

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(listening to: Weezer: New Demos)

They keep rolling in: Yesterday I received another mix CD, this one from the youlookgoodinblack New Jersey Office, full of slow wintery tunes. Fantastic. Now all I need is a gift from slatch and I'll be all set.

Missy's Top Ten Movies of 2001 is the first such list I've seen, but that's probably because I avoid movie websites. However, her list gives me a ton of ideas for things to view in the coming months. I do, however, disaree with that Ghost World movie. I *hated* that movie, but I'll explain why later, I think I was trying to forget that I ever went to see it and blocked out all memory. In an unrelated event, Slatch's illustrated musical moments that probably never happened list had me laughing so hard the cat attacked my feet. I personally like the Hall & Oates / Fugazi idea.

I got pulled over by the highway patrol yesterday for swerving around an old lady who was driving too slow and sort of lisping over to the side of the road. The cop let me off with a "verbal," which I thought was funny because it seems like cops always have to make up some sort of official terminology to make what they're doing sound more important. He could have said "warning" or something similar. "Verbal." Sheesh.

Our cat, Bunny, is getting fixed today so that he doesn't populate the neighborhood with two pound fuzz-balls like himself. I feel bad about it, hurting the poor little guy, like he trusted me and I'm a bastard betraying human now. Hopefully this feeling will pass when I get to see him wearing those little space-helmets they put on pets so they don't lick their scars. Poor, poor Bunny.

These Weezer demos sure are boring. I wonder how they manage to entertain themselves playing these songs that all sound the same, day after day. Drugs? Liquor? Earplugs? Yawn-tastic. This is the reason bands don't release demos, they let producers work sparkling magic.

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:: 1.15.2002 ::

(listening to: National Skyline: This = Everything)

Stuck in this mean rut of work/rest/work/rest that's making my head go to sleep. Sitting here at my desk, it's really hard to tell if it's today, yesterday, or last week. The only difference is the shirt I happen to be wearing today. Is this how people let decades slip by?

Band practice tonight for the first time in over a month, hopefully the change will get me thinking again. Playing music for the first time after a long break always sounds good, no matter what I'm playing.

The Cha-Ching department: My mix CD from the Quidproquo Northeast Empire arrived yesterday, reminding me that "Ask" by The Smiths is a damn good song. I remember being 15 and having my mom drive me around Sacramento, listening to Louder Than Bombs as loud as she'd let me, and stealing concert posters off telephone poles. I think I still have the Faith No More poster somewhere. Thanks Kate.

Clear and cold weather makes it easier to pretend I'm in Alaska.

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:: 1.13.2002 ::

(listening to: Boston: Greatest Hits)

So we just went to the grocery store and braved the cursed Berkeley yuppie/hippie ladies to get our share of organic produce and frozen vegetarian goodies. Feeling good with the clear sky and dusk setting in, rocking "More Than A Feeling" and drinking a beer. Fucking right on.

I've had three photos make it into The Mirror Project lately. They are: Emmy's, Muddy, and Bunny Runs Away.

Making tempura and soup tonight, and then sitting down with some cold unfiltered Sake to watch The Kingdom. It's all good.

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(listening to: Billy Bragg & Wilco: Mermaid Avenue, Volume 1)

MP3 of the week: One of my favorite old-school Modest Mouse songs, "Edit The Sad Parts" closes the vinyl version of This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About and appeared on the Interstate 8 EP. I think I've seen them live eleven times, and next month we'll make it thirteen.

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(listening to: Cracker: Kerosene Hat)

Tickets for Noisepop 2002 went on sale twenty-three minutes ago. I'm skipping getting a $130 badge 'cause I'd only want to see a couple shows, but there are two Modest Mouse shows in Northern California on sale now. There are very few tickets for sale online, but the Chico show is only $12. Boo-yah.

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