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:: 2.28.2002 ::

(listening to: George Harrison: All Things Must Pass)

I leave here soon to drive the longest I ever have for one show, three hours up north to Chico where I'll see Modest Mouse rock the house. It should be a fun trip, full of dancing, eating in the car, and the occasional Red Bull to make the drive back home without falling asleep. I plan to be back around 4:00 AM in time to get a whopping three hours of sleep before I head off to work again. Of course, tomorrow night it's the same show in San Francisco as part of Noisepop 2002. There, we will witness the hippest of the hip milling about arguing over who is the biggest Aisler's Set fan, although it's OK 'cause two days of Modest Mouse action ain't nothing to complain about, ever.

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:: 2.26.2002 ::

(listening to: New Order: Get Ready)

Although I'm not a big fan of Los Angeles, I am a bit jealous that it is possible to see just about any film down there. Take the last two Dogme 95 movies. The first, The King Is Alive, was reviewed in many local newspapers, including the San Francisco Examiner, but was never released locally. The latest, Jean-Marc Barr's Lovers was recently screened in the Los Angeles area, but twenty bucks says I won't be able to see it up here.

Luckily, my brother is moving to Hollywood in a couple months, so I'll have a place to stay and someone to go out on the town with. Maybe I'll get to see something that will impress me again.

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:: 2.24.2002 ::

(listening to: Sparklehorse: Good Morning Spider)

So, the USA lost today, but watching the game was great fun. Seemed a little bit too early in the morning for bang-em-up-and-hit-a-Canuck hockey, so I drank coffee instead of beer. In order to pay my respects to Canada, after the game I headed down to Beverages & More and picked up some La Fin Du Monde. I consider my debt settled.

Tonight's activities include eating the pot roast that has been on my stove for the last five hours, then eating apple pie and vanilla ice cream while watching Twin Peaks. All ready for the week ahead, I think. I hope.

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MP3 of the week: I think I've seen From Monument To Masses three times in the last month, and I plan to see them much, much more in the future. Although their record isn't out yet, they've got math-happy kids already following them eagerly around. Oh, and they're nice folks, too.

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