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:: 3.23.2002 ::

(listening to: Mogwai: Ten Rapid)

Hey, look at that, it's 10:50 PM and I'm already back from the show *and* a party in Oakland. What the hey?

Josh Rouse @ Johnny Foley's, San Francisco: Never have I gone to a show to see an artist or band who I liked quite a bit and walked away actually liking the songs *less* than before. Usually the point of touring is to show people how good your songs are in the hope that they'll purchase your album so that they could hear them again. Rouse's latest, Under Cold Blue Stars was my frontrunner for album of the year, but now, I'm not so sure. The songs as they were played tonight were just so cheesey, with everyone in the band making fake rockstar faces and desperately trying to appear that they were into the music. They weren't. It was blatantly obvious. The sound was bad, the crowd was chock full of chatting yuppies (think the people you see in Jetta commercials), the location was smack-dab next to Union Square (tourist central for San Francisco), *not* the usual place I travel to to see shows. Needless to say, we escaped before Clem Snide played, traversed through Oakland a bit, and now are back home, wine in hand, ready to make a night of things. Or something like that.

(special note to Josh Rouse: next time I see you, I'd like my $28 back. Your record is good, your live show is not/)

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(listening to: Dirty Three: Ocean Songs)

Rally Boy * San Francisco * California

In case you think I only go to Rally Boy shows, we're off in the next few minutes to catch Josh Rouse and Clem Snide get all country-tinged on us at a downtown SF Irish bar. Well, the cellar of said bar at any rate. Sometimes when the sun goes down, I drink some fancy French beer, and Guyball sets down a plate of beef curry over rice in front of me, it seems that things can't get any better.

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:: 3.22.2002 ::

(listening to: Ride: Going Blank Again)

Rally Boy * Oakland * California

(6:35 PM) :: (link)

(listening to: Jim O'Rourke: Eureka)

"Women of the world, take over. 'Cause if you don't, the world will come to an end."

I Don't Like Fridays: If anyone at work asks me one more time "Do you listen to hard-rock music" or "Did you see A Beautiful Mind yet?" I swear I'm going to scream and freak everyone out. Oh me oh my.

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:: 3.21.2002 ::

(listening to: Bjork: Post)

Today is "Spring Barbecue" day at my work, also known to my co-workers as "Sit Around On Your Ass And Gossip About Other Employees While Not Doing Any Actual Work Yourself Day." Still, I'm running around doing *my* job, but I'll still take part in the Mexican dining portion of today's festivities. The all-you-can-eat Carne Asada and fresh salsa feast is a highlight of my year, and also leads to me wanting to nap after work more than anything.

Putting the, uh, MA in MATH: On Wednesday there was an incredibly artistic package in my in-box, when I opened it up I discovered a CD and goodies from the Lonetreepoint Toronto Office. The CD is quite, quite good, full of mathy guitar goodness and a kickin' fast live version of Pinback's "Tripoli." Also included was a rad homemade patch that will probably make its way to my shoulder-bag at some point. One day I'm going to make MP3s of all the great mixes people have sent me within the last six-months, burn them all on one CD, and share the goodness. Thanks.

If in the East Bay tonight, come see Rally Boy showcase their fine pop-songwriting skills at the Stork Club. Fresh from SXSW, the boys should be in fine form. My requests include two of their best songs, "Undrest" and "Stuck", as well as the former MP3 of the week "The Check-Out."

Nothing says it's the first day of Spring like lambs!

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:: 3.19.2002 ::

(listening to: My Bloody Valentine: Isn't Anything)

MP3 of the week: "Dynamite Walls" is one of the best driving songs every written. It makes we want to wake up, hop in the car, put it in drive and just go.... possibly to New Brunswick to be part of the Moncton scene! Well, among other places.

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:: 3.18.2002 ::

(listening to: Sparklehorse: B-Side Collection)

Bunny the cat spent the entire night outside doing God-knows-what, and when I opened the door at 6:30 this morning he gave me the most evil meow I've ever heard. He then proceeded to ignore me and curl up with Miss Rodeo America and go to sleep, like it was *my* fault I didn't let him in last night. However, since his brain is the size of a penny, I'm sure he'll forget about it by the time I get home tonight.

Somehow, this doesn't surprise me.

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:: 3.17.2002 ::

(listening to: Damien Jurado & Gathered In Song: I Break Chairs)

Spent yesterday evening holed up in our spare room playing along with some CDs (I brought all my equipment home for the first time in eight months) to get some practice in. It felt good to be doing something artistically constructive, and I liked some of the parts I was coming up with. We'll see how things go.

After that I got some Pabst and set out to start my alt-country/americana/whatever mix that I've been promising myself I'd make. Of course, I can't really leave things like that incomplete, so as 1:00 AM rolled around I was putting the finishing touches on it. Projects like that make me realize that there are so many good songs out there.

Coffee is calling my name.

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