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:: 4.13.2002 ::

(listening to: Air: Moon Safari)

I'm in one of those moods where I waited too long to eat, and now I've got this strange headache. In fact, my whole body feels quirky and not quite normal. I'm hoping it will pass soon. Might go see a couple bands play locally tonight, meet a friend, have a beer, relax. That's what the weekend is for anyway, isn't it? Today it was 77 degrees here in the East Bay, all the windows of the house were open, the cat wandered in and out (and came back smelling like an ashtray, did he go to a bar?), watched some hockey and drank a Pabst. Although it's officially been Spring for a few weeks now, today is the first day I was convinced.

I then spent most of the afternoon reading comments on various dining establishments in Victoria, Texas. It's addicting, really. My favorites are the the complaints about the local fast food chains, I mean, one lady chooses Chic-Fil-A over McDonald's even though it's "a bit more expensive." Whoah, there.

There's a picture from Oakland up on the City Project. It's always comforting to see my city represented, yo.

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:: 4.12.2002 ::

(listening to: The Who: Who's Next)

I put up some Hansi photos from the show on Tuesday. I'll have the Charmless pictures up soon as well.

It hasn't been getting dark until amost 9:00, which is freaking me out. Perhaps tonight I'll get to see the sun go down.

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:: 4.11.2002 ::

(listening to: Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain)

Hansi * San Francisco * California

The big Amscray show on Tuesday was an absolute blast. We played some quality versions of some songs, including a bullet-speed version of "Yeah You" that I was surprised we kept up. The best part was, after the show nobody really wanted to go home. I was very tempted to entice the bands into getting back up on stage. A big thanks to Hansi and Charmless. Both bands were of the highest quality, and I encourage each and every person to witness their live show if the opportunity presents itself.

Went to the dentist again today. I've persuaded myself that the fifteen minutes of pain is well worth the extra two hours off work. Nothing beats being at home on a Thursday afternoon drinking a beer at 3:45 when I should be at work clockwatching.

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:: 4.08.2002 ::

(listening to: The Beatles: For Sale)

My Own Personal Brown Cow: So our weekend up in the Anderson Valley was an absolute dream. After getting our haircuts in the morning, we went over the Golden Gate bridge and hit up the Pacific Coast Highway which runs all the way up the California coast. Stopped in at Stinson beach and chowed on some trashy snack bar food and watched all the yuppie kids play on the playground. Hopped back in the car and put on some great music and started the long, long trek up the coast. Just about every mile of the road has a perfect view of the ocean, and we watched the blue water shimmer in the sun around every bend. Windows down through Point Reyes Station, no stopping until we reached Boonville. Because the road is windy, the drive up took almost six hours, so it felt like we were actually much further away from Oakland than we were, but after cruising through a "paved" one lane road through the mountains, we descended into Boonville.

The hotel was awesome, right downtown, and the dinner downstairs was equally as fantastic. After dinner and some good wine we went across the street to the pub run by the fine folks at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company and drank some pints and chatted with a couple from South Africa. A couple hours later we stumbled out of there and down the street to the Boonville Lodge Bar, which is your typical backwoods local bar. I looked in the window and saw nothing but smoke and farmers drinking beer at the bar, but Miss Rodeo America talked me into going in. We got a couple of beers and then the locals started talking to us, and we had a blast drinking beer and talking to all these farmers and kids who lived in the area.

I hit up the jukebox, which had just about nothing on it except "Best Of Country" compilations that were all horrible. They did have AC/DC's Back In Black so I played just about every song off that, to the delight of the lady bartender who kept yelling for me to put on more of the rock. I played some songs twice. Then, on some weird "Best Of Pop" CD, they had Radiohead's "Let Down," so I played that and the bartender looked at me like I was crazy. She was convinced I had somehow put my own CD on because her jukebox could not possibly have something that weird on there. You would have thought I put on some strange German digital hardcore or something the way the people at the bar looked at me.

It was at this point things started to get weird, an 80-something year old woman flashed everyone at the bar by pulling up her shirt and showing her bra while yelling "HA! HA! Take THAT!" Everyone laughed nervously, hoping she wouldn't do that again. Then this weird girl wearing cutoff jean shorts and a tie-dyed halfshirt started dancing around the room to the music, trying to get the guys to come dance with her. Her and a guy in a matching shirt danced into the dark room adjacent to the bar, and I never saw them come out. We figured it was time to leave so we went back to the hotel to get some rest.

The next morning after coffee and fresh scones we drove up the road to the Handley Winery and got some bottles of good wine, stopped at an apple fair and played with the cutest five-day-old calf and some sheep and a couple loud-mouthed goats. Had some lunch and hit the road back home feeling more relaxed than I had in months. The Anderson Valley is my friend, thank-you.

MP3 of the week: One of the happiest times on Saturday was driving up PCH along Tomales Bay and singing along to Magnetic Fields songs as the cows mooed back at us. This song requires loud volume and a voice to match Stephen Merritt's.

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