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:: 4.20.2002 ::

The band is off today to the Central Valley area to play a rock show at the bar of a motel that rents room by the hour. Although I think no room time is included, the fact that we're playing the seedy part of town is pretty funny. Modesto (home of Grandaddy!) is actually a pretty fun town, and the Amscray machine fully plan to rock various socks off.

It's a gorgeous Saturday here in the East Bay, I almost feel bad leaving.

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:: 4.19.2002 ::

(listening to: Bjork: Homogenic)

The show last night, was, well, it was a show. I'll put it that way, although the crowd was wonderful and seeing friendly faces right up front was a blast, I just wasn't that comfortable on stage so it was hard to enjoy myself. I will say that we played well, even if it didn't sound all that great to the audience. We tried out a couple new songs that unfortunately didn't click well with the audience, but all in all it was a good experiment. Much thanks to all those who attended, this means you (and you, and you).

Because the show got over late and we got packed up later, I got very little sleep and everytime the phone rings at work my head hurts a little and my eyes twitch. Oh what I wouldn't give to go home and take a nap.

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:: 4.18.2002 ::

(listening to: The Velvet Underground: Loaded)

Another week of music, another big-ish show tonight. I broke my drum throne while we were recording a couple weeks ago, and have yet to find a decent replacement. I guess that's what I get for dancing in my seat and spinning around like a foolish top.

So, yeah. If you live in or near SF you should stop by the SF Eagle on Harrison street. The shows there are cheap, and there's a huge outdoor area to hang out and smoke your fancy import cigarettes.

Public Apology: I remember going to some apartment in Oakland after a night of drinking at the Albany bowl, and telling some girl repeatedly that The Velvet Underground sucked. I feel bad about this, and I no longer agree with my own statement, since Loaded has had a cozy spot in my Minidisc player for over a week now. I guess that's what I get for having both a loud mouth and an open mind. I swear, I only remove Loaded to put in that ...And You Shall Know Us By The Trail Of Dead record, which despite all the hype is a fine, fine piece of work.

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:: 4.16.2002 ::

(listening to: Ugly Casanova: Sharpen Your Teeth)

First it's hot, then it's cold. Mother Nature can't figure out what to do these days, I keep putting my parka back in the closet only to have to take it out again. As usual, this week is music-tastic, three practices and two shows, including one at a trashy bar in Modesto on Saturday. Central Valley, here we come. Everything else has been watching either TLC documentaries on the extremely obese or hospital drama, or bad movies ("Hair" hurt me, the only thing worse than hippies are dancers *pretending* to be hippies), as well as the always constant driving.

(black and white pictures of eskimo children)

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:: 4.14.2002 ::

MP3 of the week: Jawbreaker was one of my favorite bands, ever. The Bay Area mystique I felt in high school was a big reason I moved down to the East Bay, and I partially have them to thank for urbanizing me and making me want to play music in and around San Francsico. Sometimes I feel like good San Francisco rock music died when Jawbreaker broke up and Blake Schwarzenbach packed up and left town. Hopefully a revival will happen soon. "Housesitter" is one of my favorite songs of theirs, and I've actually had people from out of town ask me to take them to 16th & Caledonia. No kidding.

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