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:: 5.11.2002 ::

(listening to: Cat Power: Moon Pix)

Pictures of my afternoon, influenced by Kate and Armando, among others.

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:: 5.09.2002 ::

(listening to: The Kinks: The Kinks)

Help! I'm Stuck In New Brunswick!

A couple weeks ago, I asked people to choose the one record they'd take with them if they were stuck in a far away place for the rest of their life. A lot of people complained, some changed their minds, but many were actually able to choose. I own exactly 5/10 of these releases, but thanks to your response, I plan to increase by record collection by the number five. Here, in no particultar order, are some fine pieces of music. All those who responded will get a CD sent from me as a thank-you for thinking hard (I know it hurts sometimes).

The Pixies: Surfer Rosa (4AD/Elektra, 1988)
Something hit me early in the morning while driving to work. If I were, say, stuck in Moncton, New Brunswick for the rest of my life, I wouldn't mind having Surfer Rosa with me as the only music I could listen to. There's really no special tie in with my life, it didn't change me, it wasn't the first Pixies album I heard, and I hadn't even owned it until recently. I guess it's just the magic of being the first Pixies full-length, which happened to be recorded by Steve Albini. Coincidence? Or just plain perfection?

Massive Attack: Mezzanine (Virgin, 1998)
I first bought it in Montreal in the summer of 1998 on cassette, and listened to it non-stop for a month on the Metro. It was utterly foreign, but at the same time extremely familiar in a place that I was discovering for the first time. And it was the perfect soundtrack to my first real big city experience. Later that same summer, I would drive at horrendously high speeds on the highway between Yellowknife and Hay River in the Northwest Territories during rainstorms and fierce winds that batted my car around on the road. My knuckles were white and my seat was pushed up too far. The tiny hatchback I was driving was courier for all the materials that had been in a totalled sedan. Mezzanine was the soundtrack.
(Kate, Toronto, Ontario & Yellowknife, Northwest Territories)

Gang Of Four: Entertainment! (Infinite Zero, 1979)
Thought you might like to hear from someone who HAS, in fact, been stuck in the Maritimes his whole life.
(Philip, Halifax, Nova Scotia)

Cheap Trick: Live At Budokan (Epic, 1979)
By God, I'd have to say that the one and only album that I would have with me is "Cheap Trick at Budokan." Bear in mind, this *is* a bit of a cheat, since the album does take up 2 CDs. But still, it's all one album, and what a killer album it is. All the "hits", the album tracks from the first three (completely flawless) records, the otherwise-unreleased "Lookout" ... really, does it get any better??
(Justin, Oakland, California)

June of 44: Engine Takes To The Water (Quarterstick, 1995)
If I could take on album to the Maritimes, I'd choose June of 44 "Engine Takes To The Water." Besides the obvious, the whole ship and ocean references (lyrics, design of album), the first time I ever drove out to the Maritimes (before moving there) I was crammed in a Chevy Blazer with 5 people. During this interesting road trip i heard the record for the first time. It had an immense influence on the trip, and fit the landscape perfectly from the desolate parts of Quebec, through Moncton and on to Halifax. It is dark, melodic and complex, perfect for listening to when looking out over the Atlantic on the foggiest grey day with the smell of salt and waves in the air. Definite maritime listening. I'm going to send this email now before I change my mind...
(Jules, Toronto, Ontario)

Spiritualized: Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space (Arista, 1997)
Every listen is as good as the first. I can listen to it at anytime and still hear new bits of music. The first time I heard it it made me think about music in a completely different way than I had before. If you haven't heard it, get it now.
(Andy, Southampton, England)

Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation (DGC, 1988)
I think it was 1995 when a bunch of friends went to a cottage to celebrate graduating high school. Two guys decided to take some 'shrooms and walk arond the forest. When then didn't show up the next morning, the next evening, or the following morning, we decided we had to call the cops. Ten cops showed up with radios, four search dogs three boats and an ATV. With this intense police presence and the unknown wherabouts of two drugged up friends, it was hard to loosen up. So we all hit the bottle pretty damn hard. We ended up spending the night crashed out on the deck blasting "Daydream Nation" over and over (how melodramatic), much to the chagrin of the search party. Anyway, they were found not very far away, they had broken into a cabin and were basically just waiting for someone to find them, eating beans and rummaging through all these people's belongings.
(Clay, Toronto, Ontario)

Fugazi: Repeater (Dischord, 1990)
(Jon, Providence, Rhode Island)

Daryl-Ann: Weeps (Excelsior, 1996)
(Erik, The Netherlands)

Fugazi: 13 Songs (Dischord, 1990)
(Erin, Austin, Texas)

Hum: Downward Is Heavenward (RCA, 1998)
(Brian, Los Angeles, CA)

Modest Mouse: The Lonesome Crowded West (Up, 1997)
(Miss Rodeo America, Oakland, California)

If you missed the boat, feel free to send me an email with your addition to the list. Be sure to include where you live, because, well, that just makes things that much more interesting.

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I always pick the wrong games to go to. Miss Rodeo America and I went to the baseball game on Tuesday evening, but we missed the excitement of last night's naked running man. See, and who said the East Bay didn't have it all?

Last night was a night of rest, drinking beers on the couch and watching three hours of VH1's Top 100 One Hit Wonders. That's the first sixty songs. We had a good time trying to figure out what their other single was, the followup to their one hit. I also found out that Young MC, Tone Loc, and Biz Markie song titles all run together in my head, I can't figure out which song belonged to which artist. Weren't the late 80's and early 90's confusing? I hope Jesus Jones' "Right Here, Right Now" is on the list, perhaps I'll get to watch the other forty songs tonight.

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:: 5.05.2002 ::

(listening to: The Velvet Underground: Loaded)

MP3 of the week: New stuff from Papa M that features a photo of him standing on a rooftop with New York City burning behind him. Enjoy.

I'm off to Santa Cruz for Cinco De Mayo festivities, it's a sunny day (again) and I'm looking forward to the drive. Look for the I'm Stuck In Moncton feature coming this week. Now go drink some Pacifico and avoid that yellow water called "Corona."

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