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:: 8.01.2002 ::

(listening to: The Jesus & Mary Chain: 21 Singles)

the radar brothers.

The show last night was pretty wacky. Poor Charles Atlas had technical problems and a chatty crowd. The Radar Brothers were good, but had that L.A. band attitude (and roadie to setup their equipment, which took forever) and weren't very engaging. By the time they got their shit together, we were yawning every couple minutes, so after five songs or so we split. The middle band though, Earlimart, were pretty fun to watch and listen to. Lots of energy and a good singing voice coupled with great organ stuff going on, I definitely liked their earlier, mellow songs better than the wilder songs near the end of their set, but all in all their set was surprisingly entertaining. I totally pegged them as a Central Valley band though, their bass player mimicked Grandaddy fashion all the way down to his camoflauge fisherman's cap.

Tonight I'm off to the suburbs to see my Grandfather for the first time in over ten years. I do hope the commute traffic is kind to me.

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:: 7.31.2002 ::

(listening to: Squeeze: Cool For Cats)

jawbreaker, circa 1994

Just Like High School: After seven years of me patiently waiting, the Jawbreaker b-sides & rarities collection is finally out. It's a great collection for die-hards (me) and almost everyone else (probably you), including all the singles, compilation appearances, their one b-side (their cover of The Psychedelic Furs' "Into You Like A Train"), as well as four completely never-before heard outtakes and a version of their East Bay hit "Boxcar" recorded during the Dear You sessions. Phew! That's 74+ minutes of fucking Bay Area history my friends. The included booklet has all the lyrics (penned by Aaron Cometbus), as well as notes on each song from the band members. It's a complete package, and it made my afternoon...I guess I spoke too soon about not buying anymore CDs.

Ack! Late for the Radar Brothers / Charles Atlas show. Come to think of it, this is the first show I've been to in months in which I wasn't performing. I'm a busy guy.

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:: 7.30.2002 ::

(listening to: The Radar Brothers: ...And The Surrounding Mountains)

bruce springsteen & the e street band

Fun By Mail-Order: Yesterday I got my sweet music packge from Merge Records, the new Spoon single, the Radar Brothers record, and a CD from The Clean. I need to take a break from all this new music, at any given moment when it comes time to make a switch I can never decide what I should listen to next.

So I'm on day 16 of working in a row, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Last night I purchased plane tickets for myself and Miss Rodeo America to go to New York City. From there we will somehow hit up both Providence and Boston, make our way back to La Manzana Grande, and then fly back down to the West Coast. The plane even has free television on board, so I can watch like, Animal Planet all day to pass the time. I am *so* looking forward to this vacation, it makes working everyday not seem so bad.

The Boss is unavoidable: I did a review of the new Springsteen album that came out today. I like the record, probably more than most people will. There's a few songs I think could have been left off, but I admire the gung-ho attitude of releasing a quality, 70+ minute plus album instead of a thinner, shorter record. It's also made me realize just how important the E Street Band are to his records, the whole ensemble sounds fantastic. In case you can't get enough of Bruce's many, many TV apperances today, he'll be on David Letterman on Thursday *and* Friday, and his mug is already on the cover of Time Magazine. It's just like 1975 all over again.

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