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:: 8.27.2002 ::

Hello, Atlantic Ocean: So we're lounging around at the Slatch house, waiting for Jon to get his butt out of bed so we can get some breakfast. Miss Rodeo America is reading MANLY magazines on the couch, and we're both sipping coffee with real cream. It's vacation time, why not splurge a bit? The bus ride up yesterday felt like a time trap, like we weren't really moving yet somehow we went through New Jersey and Patheticuit and into Rhode Island. There were more trees than I remember along the coast, it's all one big green jungle. We dropped off all the old people at the huge and ugly Foxwoods Casino before we made our way into Providence proper. One minute we're driving peacefully along this little two lane highway, looking at the little houses and barns out the window, the next we're mobbed by icky tourists waiting to spend their pensions and retirement funds at the Pequot casino. Really creepy actually, and I was mighty glad when the bus pulled away a few passengers lighter and we escape that horrible complex. Jon says it's the biggest casino in the world...I'm betting it's also the ugliest.l

I have no idea what we're going to do today after breakfast. Thrift stores? The beach? Who knows, but the weather is nice and we've got a guide to show us around, so whatever it is I'm sure we'll enjoy it.

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:: 8.26.2002 ::

MP3 of the week: Sorry it's a day late, but since I'm in New England, we gots to groove to some Jonathan Richman. Roadrunner once, roadrunner twice, I'm in love with rock & roll.

We're having a great time here in the Northeast, all is well and we're taking it all in like champs. Woot.

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