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:: 10.11.2002 ::

(listening to: Explosions In The Sky: How Strange, Innocent)

[low clouds, temperatures in the mid 60's, a new hockey hairdo] :: Over there on the left is a link for some we eat fire demos i've been working on. Since I got the four-track, I've spent less and less time in front of the computer and more and more time fiddling with knobs. The time really flies in there. I'll post more songs as they're recorded, let me know if you like them, but keep your mouth shut if you don't. Ah, I kid.

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:: 10.10.2002 ::

(listening to: Belle & Sebastian: Tigermilk)

venice beach facing west.

[wake the fuck up homey!] :: So yeah, I've been back from Los Angeles for a few days now. While I was gone, Oakland has been having problems. First the A's lost a heartbreaker in the playoffs, then I find out that our neighborhood is having a serious burglary epidemic which culminated Saturday in a lady down the street catching a man in her house, then chasing him down the street while he ran with her laptap and diamond necklace. Miss Rodeo America witnessed the event unfurl while sitting calmly on the front porch reading, and quickly called the police. Turns out about half of the houses on our street have been broken into this month, and another guy had his parked car hit by the drag racing hooligans around the corner. Our next step is going to be either hiring an ex-professional wrestler (I'm shooting for Koko B. Ware) to guard the house, or mounting small guns on our cat Oscar. I bet he'd kick some serious ass.

I had a good time with my brother in L.A., but have come to the conclusion that I still don't much like it down there. It's hot, the air is bad, the traffic's horrible, and public transportation is nearly impossible. Still, my brother is doing quite well for himself, so all is not bad. Oh, and I got three great new fancy western shirts to wear out on the town. Duds down there are cheap and plentiful, that is unless you're searching for vintage t-shirts, which start at about $25 for lame crappy surf stuff from the 80's. Still, it was good to come home to the calmness (and coolness) of Oaktown.

The Daily Photo is back up and going and full of palm trees. Smog makes for pretty sunsets.

It's getting cold at night around here, and tonight's the first Sharks hockey game of the season. Time to bust out the parkas my friends.

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:: 10.06.2002 ::

[i lost my job at the maquiladora, what's a simple man to do] :: When you're in Los Angeles, you drive a lot. I think I've spent most of my time down here either in the car or looking for parking or walking to and from the car. Yesterday we went up to The Getty to see some photography exhibits. Of course, with my luck, they were between shows, so there were no photos to be seen. Damn. I did get to see some good paintings and a bunch of Italian sketches, as well as a couple Rembrants. I think my favorite piece though was this gold plated depiction of the resurrection of Christ from the 17th century, the best part about it being that it was nailed on a door in Portugal (I think) for a couple centuries, and you could see the little holes where the nails went through as well as the keyhole. The view from up there though is incredible, and really gave us a good idea of just how big Los Angeles is.

We're being followed by an array of 80's stars down here. Yesterday we saw Scott Baio, and were tempted to go up and ask him if he was, indeed, in charge. Today at breakfast Jason Bateman was eating at the counter with his wife, and we watched in horror as he poured a half a bottle of squeezable honey onto his entire plate of food. Nasty, nasty stuff. Oh, and Dustin Hoffman pulled a U-turn in front of my brother, and he swears he winked at him. Ah, L.A stories.

We're off to watch the Oakland baseball game in the valley, if I were at home I'd probably be at this game, but I'll do what I can from the southland.

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