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:: 11.21.2002 ::

(listening to: Doves: Lost Souls)

kansas biker rally, 1977

[bring me a doctor, i've got a hole in my head] :: This gallery of found photos from a 1977 Kansas biker rally is really great. That is, except for all the saggy biker boobs (warning, do not open at work).

We're going to another local rock show tonight, woo!

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(listening to: Steve Earle: Sidetracks)

[shit hits fan #3] :: The area around my work is like a fucking war zone this afternoon. Cops, helicopters, and angry commuters everywhere. This is the second time in the past few years that this particular bank has been robbed with a guard getting killed. Pandemonium!

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:: 11.20.2002 ::

(listening to: Bruce Springsteen: The River)

[because there's lots of 'uck' in SUCK] :: Daily Photos are down for the time being until I can figure out what's wrong with my camera. I am not having the best of luck with anything mechanical lately, so I'm thinking about turning Amish, except that I don't think I could grow the proper beard.

The good news is my car is fine, the thermostat was fried so the fans weren't turning on, hence, the car bubbling and overheating. But all is well now and I can speed around the city streets like a madman again, watch out. The drive up to Sonoma County today was super, super nice. Good weather, good food, great music, and a really pretty sky to seal the deal.

Steve Earle on Conan tonight kids, get your remote controls ready.

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:: 11.19.2002 ::

(listening to: Steve Earle: Train A' Comin)

[reason #876 I'll keep downloading MP3s] :: The Notwist's Neon Golden is a really good record, but at an import price at $23.98(!) at my local record store, I'll stick to my CD-R copy, thank you very much.

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(listening to: Steve Earle: Copperhead Road)

[momma said a pistol is the devil's right hand} :: While driving through the East Bay on Sunday, moments after Miss Rodeo America suggested that we drive through some really bad neighborhoods (we do this for fun sometimes), my car overheated and expelled nasty looking antifreeze all over a Church's Chicken parking lot. Luckily, we were able to limp the best we could into a decent neighborhood, ditch the car, and walk to the train station only a few blocks away.

The station was filled with Oakland Raiders fans on their way to Sunday's game, one of the biggest bunch of black-clad fools ever assembled. They were all rebels, smoking on the train platform and talking shit about New England loudly. Ooh! We were scared, but we survived and walked home and to the cats waiting on the front porch.

Then yesterday morning I decided to drive the Amscray van to work, but it stalled in the middle of a major intersection near our house, blocking traffic for a couple minutes. Although I was quite embarrased, I hopped out and managed to push the van into a gas station's parking lot where I could fill the tank. Damn, it's a big van too, and I'm surprised I was able to get it moving at all, much less all the way across the street. Just call me Rocky Balboa from now on, kids.

But now the van is running fine and my little Honda is safe in my mechanic's garage after being towed halfway across the East Bay, and I feel that my luck can't get any worse...that is, unless the car is dead and I just don't know it yet.

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