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:: 12.20.2002 ::

(listening to: The Beatles: Revolver)

[these premises protected by smith & wesson] :: Our house got burglarized yesterday while we were at work. Luckily for us, only the downstairs got robbed, so we (again) escaped with our stuff still intact. During pouring rain someone pryed open their kitchen window, grabbed a computer and then found some cash (and also snagged, for some reason, a small bag of toiletries from the bathroom). The scary part is that the cash was apparently well hidden, and in three different places, so now our flatmates assume that someone had been spying on them in order to see what they had to offer. The idea of people snooping around my house does not make me happy.

So here I am sitting at work worrying about the house and the cats. Maybe I need one of those small security cameras like I see in those thousands of popup ads so that I can monitor my house while I'm gone. However, I think I'll just stick to my idea of training Oscar to kick robber ass.

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:: 12.17.2002 ::

green bay, wisconsin. september, 2001.

[6 girls, beer, & booze] :: Mike from Amscray found a couple rolls of film from the Amscray tour last September. The above is from the Bamboo, the sleaziest (and probably only) strip club in Green Bay. After we played next door at the all ages teen center type thing, a couple of the guys from the band went over to the club. Apparently, it was completely empty and the girls starting talking to them casually about where they were from and what they were doing stripping in Northern Wisconsin. When one of them found out the guys were in a band, and that they had just played next door, she offered to buy a CD. So, one of the guys sold her an Amscray CD for the full-price. A few minutes later, the announcer came on and said "and now the girls will dance to some new rock music from Amscray!" and the two strippers danced away to the dulcet sounds of "Prepare To Qualify." True story.

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:: 12.16.2002 ::

(listening to: Books: Thought For Food)

[i was born on the day the music died] :: While I continue to lag, you can check out the top-eleven list over at catbirdseat. My list is done, it's just writing the copy that's s-l-o-w-i-n-g me down. If I had my way, this year would have been a top fifteen list. Whittling down 54 new releases to ten was a very, very difficult task.

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