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:: 2.14.2003 ::

(listening to: Do Make Say Think: &yet &yet)

Soulseek is back up, my life is now full again. On discovering this, I promptly quequed up some Hall & Oates as well as every single Yo La Tengo album I don't already have. Now I'll have plenty to listen to on the ride up to Oregon tomorrow.

And of course, it will be raining just about the entire time we're gone. Not that I'm surprised...it *is* the Pacific Northwest and all, but driving 7 hours in the rain isn't all that fun now, is it? Of course, we'll stop to see Babe The Blue Ox on the way, and we're going to stop to get some pie in Hopland, but other than that, it's just driving.

Oh, and don't forget! Ted Leo on Conan O'Brien tonight! Rock.

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:: 2.11.2003 ::

(listening to: Twilight Singers: Demos)

Soulseek shut down by bad trance artist, film at 11. Just when things were going really well for indie rock and other like artists on my longtime favorite file sharing network...

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(listening to: Pete Krebs: Brigadier)

Woo-hoo! Communiqué got a Noisepop San Francisco show with The Go on the 28th of this month. We've also got added a Sacramento show to the tour with Ted Leo in March. Speaking of Ted Leo, Hearts Of Oak comes out today, hit up your local indie rock record store. Word.

Damn, I *so* can't wait for my four-day weekend in Oregon. Damn damn damn.

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:: 2.10.2003 ::

(listening to: The Clientele: Suburban Light)

If I just keep telling myself that I only have a four day work week, and that one of those days is a drive through Sonoma County, I just might make it through the week without snapping at somebody at work. I swear, my weekends are getting better and better while the working week is getting worse. I'm amazed at how my mood can instantly change for the worst within minutes of setting foot inside the warehouse. Four more days here, and then by Friday afternoon we'll be eating pie in Hopland on our way up to Oregon for the weekend.

This past weekend was great, lots of late nights and cheap beer and charades and even some dice, driving over the bridge on the short bus and eating at our favorite SF restaurant, as well as relaxing on the couch and getting some love from the kitties. The only bad thing that happened was that the brakes on my car went out, so we were left without transport for the rest of the weekend. My car though is in the hands of my fine mechanic, so cross your fingers for me.

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