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:: 2.26.2003 ::

(listening to: Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: Live 1975 - 1985)

Today's Sonoma County drive was busy, but it felt good to be gone all day again and to get back up by the Russian River, somewhere I hadn't been in a month and a half. It was all about Springsteen today, rocking Darkness On The Edge Of Town as well as The River, skipping over the slow stuff in favor of the rockers. I've been all about the rock as of late, except for The Clientele as a way to sort of cool down at the end of the day.

Last night we went to the little Noisepop 2003 opening night party in San Francisco, squeezed right in the door as Har Mar Superstar began getting all sweaty onstage. Apparently he had to leave right after playing so he could catch a flight to start his tour with, yes, Kelly Osbourne tonight. The entire evening after he put his clothes back on he spent walking around the bar dragging his little black suitcase on wheels with one hand and grasping a PBR in the other. The party itself was kind of a letdown, the promise of "free beer for bands" ended up being one drink ticket to split between four band members, and the people running the show had little clue of what was going on. By 8:00 most people had left, and the DJ had long since given up trying to work the crowd into a party mood and simply put on a mix CD and left to go chat outside.

We made up for it though and got out of there fast, got a couple more drinks and talked up a storm before heading home at the wonderfully early hour of 11:15.

Tonight's my night off, and we're going to sit on the couch, drink some wine, and watch Waiting For Guffman again.

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:: 2.24.2003 ::

(listening to: Yo La Tengo: The Sound Of The Sounds Of Science)


Check out the new Communique EP by visiting the newly launched website at www.radiocommunique.com. I'm pretty excited about the release and our upcoming West Coast tour with Ted Leo & The Pharmacists. Even Jon is coming to Austin!

(10:47 PM) :: (link)

(listening to: Yo La Tengo: New Wave Hotdogs)

So. Tired. I never thought I'd say this, but I actually had a very long weekend. Good thing it was all good times or I'd be pretty sad about my uber-sleepy state this morning. Dinner, drinks, cab, practice, dinner, drinks, charades, cab, breakfast at 3:30 AM, groggy, small roadtrip, Willie Nelson records, clean, laundry, nap, practice, dinner. Busy, busy bee.

The Communique EP comes out tomorrow. Noisepop 2003 starts on Tuesday with a free Har Mar Superstar show and free beer. We play Friday. It's a rock n' roll week.

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