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:: 5.01.2003 ::

(listening to: Wilco: More Like The Moon)

The other night I stayed up late and sorted through the large numbers of random MP3s I've downloaded over the past couple of years that I had stored in an "odds & ends" folder. The rain was on my mind (and white wine was on my mind again too), and I pieced together the mini-mix below. You probably haven't heard of these songs, or these bands for that matter, but they're definitely worth a listen.

I've been searching for that Maestro Echoplex CD for awhile now, and I still haven't heard the entire album. The Coralie Clement song I heard on the local college radio station one day, and really dug the strings near the end. It's a silly little song, and reminds me of something that could easily be in that Amelie movie. Enjoy.

-= mini-mix #7 : rain =-

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:: 4.29.2003 ::

(listening to: The Cure: Paris)

miss rodeo america, jamaica plain, boston, ma. august, 2002

All the rain we've been having around these parts is sort of starting to bum me out. I was looking at some photos from a year ago and noticed that the temperature had already climbed to 77 degrees, but today we hit about 55. I used to think I liked the rain, now I'm not so sure.

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(listening to: Fischerspooner: #1)

I haven't seen any official news stories yet, although my friend did see the fire on TV, but it looks like The Bottom Of The Hill had a huge fire last night. For those not in the know, BOTH is the premier medium/small sized indie-rock venue in San Francisco, and the loss of it would be a huge blow to both local and touring bands alike. I've seen far more shows there than anywhere else, and it's also our favorite local venue to play live at.

I'm crossing my fingers the damage is minor. This is poops.

Update: Looks like the damage was mostly upstairs. Apart from some water damage, it looks like shows will resume on Friday. Considering we're playing there on the 11th, this is definitely good news. Phew!

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