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:: 6.07.2003 ::

It's a rainy afternoon here in Wilkes-Barre, PA. We drove all night from our (slightly crappy) show in Toledo to get here and rest, but since I slept a ton in the van, I'm out exploring a little and using the hospitality of the public library to check email and whatnot. The town's a bit dingy, but it's really hard to tell with all the rain.

We had a day off in Columbus a couple days ago, and Ryan from Catbirdseat.org came out for a night on the town that included visiting a haunted bar, filling the jukebox with good songs, going to the 80's club and dancing our socks off, and a lot of beer and Jagermeister all around. Ryan kept buying us drinks, and we kept drinking them until closing time sometime around 3:00 AM. We lost Ryan after that, but headed back to the apartment we were staying in and Rory cooked up some late-night enchiladas for us. Such good times, although Ryan had a few too many and later sent this email to Kate:

> coory saysh hi from columbo. we am yr. frinedy. my brain huret three
> in the mornig
> many drinkie dancyt at eitghties night fun. wihs u wir here, am fun.
> whee.
> woo - h00.
> ryree
Ha! He's right though, many drinkie dancy.

Tour is going well, and I'm rather excited to hit up the East Coast tomorrow and visit friends and play some good shows. Our tour with The Vue starts in a couple days as well.

Until then...

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:: 6.05.2003 ::

Real quick from Columbus: we're playing a last minute show tomorrow in Toledo, Ohio, although I don't even know where the venue is, so, yeah! Come on down!

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:: 6.04.2003 ::

Good Morning from Chicago! Tour is going rather well, we're meeting lots of great people and having a good time listening to David Cross in the van, as well as playing some shows too. Denver was awesome, and St. Louis was crazy (the club owner began shooting a doll hanging from the ceiling with a .38 as we were loading the van to go, we got out of there FAST), and Chicago was/is cold, but a lot of fun. Off to Ohio today, and more updates come Philadelphia.

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