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:: 6.09.2003 ::

Hanging out in Philadelphia today, we actually ended up cancelling our show last night due to a lot of different reasons that don't need to be explained here, but we are playing tomorrow night at The Khyber, which should be a fun and friend filled evening. I think even Greg might stop by and say hey.

I'm at my friend's really rad apartment in the center of the city, if I stick my head out the window I can see City Hall a few blocks away. We went on a walk earlier down to the huge marketplace that's been there since like 1898 and bought fruit and goods to make dinner with later. Until then I think we're going to head out to a park and throw the baseball around a little, which should be relaxing and enjoyable after all the stress of driving around yesterday.

Last night I had a great time with my old friend Michelle and a couple of her friends, and we ended up at this after hours bar called RUBA, the Russian Ukrainain Belarussian (I think that's what the B is for) Association, where you have to be a member but the drinks are cheap. Turns out that we didn't know anyone there would would sponsor us, until I turned around and ran into Chris from Ted Leo's band standing right there talking on the phone. Sure enough he sponsored us and in we went, where I proceeded to consume a log of lager and then played drunk ping-pong and lost 2 out of 3. It was a lot of fun, but I then fell asleep watching MTV's "All Things Rock" show late last night and didn't wake up until after 12:00. Ouch.

Off to throw to the ball around a bit.

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