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:: 6.21.2003 ::

Greetings from Denton, Texas!

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:: 6.16.2003 ::

Phew. A lot of days without the internet, but now I'm rolling down in Richmond, VA hitting up the free access at the VCU library. It's hot and muggy and southern, but I'm loving it.

Our show last night might have been the best of the tour, we played great, the sound was great, and we got to watch both The Pattern and The Oranges Band rock the house upside down. Chrisser from the Pattern did a little Communiqué lyric quoting on their last song, and then ended up back onstage later dancing his ass off with the Oranges guys. Great times all around, and I'm back in high spirits after a dismal trip to NYC, which I won't go into right now for fear of regaining that unwanted sense of horribleness again.

We're playing an early show tonight, and then heading deeper south tomorrow, perhaps spending the evening in Atlanta before playing our show in Mobile on Tuesday. Be cool.

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