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:: 7.16.2003 ::

(listening to: The 6ths: Wasps' Nest)

Ryan is my hero. If he ever comes to Oakland I need to repay him for all that beer and Jagermeister he made me drink in Columbus. Oh, that and the Maestro Echoplex CD he left for me on the porch on the apartment building I was staying in. I still think Columbus might have been the best night of tour, and we didn't even play a show.

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:: 7.15.2003 ::

(listening to: The Sundays: Blind)

Another day, another day at work. This morning I'm surrounded by horrible music on nearly every available radio. They've all got the same station bumpin', "the quiet storm" or "soft hits of yesterday and today" or something like that, and they keep playing the likes of Atlantic Star and that "you give good love" song. It's making me slightly ill, so I keep having to retreat to my cube-hole and hide out with the CD player.

Tonight we're either going to see Spoon at El Venue Grande, or (smog) at the tiny venue within walking distance of my house. We'll probably go for the grandeur of the former though, since my good friend is doing sound for them, which means he's always on tour so I can never see him. I haven't seen Spoon since 1997's Noisepop festival where I was impressed that they covered an aMiniature song. Should be fun.

Still no internet at home, which is starting to make me twitch uncontrollably at my desk. Other than that, it's just band practice, band practice, band practice!

P.S. : Happy 24th Birthday to my little brother Andy, the raddest guy in all of California. Next year, I'm throwing a party!

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