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:: 7.31.2003 ::

(listening to: Various: (!)blackyellowblack MP3 of the week archive, volume 2)

Wowee wow wow. The new Josh Rouse website is really, really odd. I continue to promise that I'll never see him live again, 'cause it made me hate his music for a few months. His new album drops August 28th.

(11:46 PM) :: (link)

(listening to: The Promise Ring: Wood/Water)

All this grey weather and a bummer of a baseball game last night has gotten me pretty down in the dumps this morning, but I'm feeling better with some coffee and an early morning drive through the Berkeley hills. I'm sure the rest of the week will treat me better, what with the Charles Atlas / Odessa Chen show over in San Francisco tonight, then our show with the Libertines tomorrow.

Another substitute for the still-not-uploaded MP3 of the week: Get On The Floor by The Promise Ring. Word.

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:: 7.29.2003 ::

(listening to: John Lennon: Plastic Ono Band)

The second album by my old band, Amscray, was released a few weeks ago. It's the first full-length recording that's actually been released that I've played on, so I'm pretty stoked that it's out there floating around.

The band broke up, their website is gone, and I have no idea where you could order the CD, but if you really want one, shoot me an email and I'll send one your way since I've got a couple to give away. I'll post my favorite tracks as MP3s soon.

(12:32 PM) :: (link)

(listening to: The Oranges Band: All Around)

Damn, I'm back at work. What a complete bummer.

I tried to post an MP3 of the week yesterday, but my stupid AOL connection wouldn't sit still long enough for the (45 minute!) upload, so you're still stuck with that Long Winters track. However, I found the following songs to tide you over until I can give you a slice of 1992 pop genius.

Songs Stuck In My Head: July 25th - 29th

There, I feel better already.

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:: 7.28.2003 ::

(listening to: The Ramones: Road to Ruin)

Taking days off after late night shows is the cool thing to do. I've gotten so much done today, and it's only 2:30. Breakfast, got a new charger for my cell phone, got my oil changed, cleaned my room, organized all my clothes (including pulling out about 40 shirts to sell at the used clothing store), got my car smogged, and now I'm lazily experimenting with a pasta sauce recipe for dinner.

I'v also gotten a good chance to listen to some CDs I haven't heard in quite a while, which is always a nice thing to do. I have so many burned albums sitting around, it's nice to find some time to listen to a few of them.

I swear, if i could start working part-time, I'd be the happiest camper who ever camped.

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