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:: 8.07.2003 ::

(listening to: Various: The Mulholland Drive Soundtrack)

Did I mention that we're going on tour again starting Saturday? Yeah! I'm going on tour again for three weeks! I'm actually pretty excited about hitting the road again, seeing new friends, and most importantly: NOT HAVING TO BE STUCK AT WORK. Seriously, everyday I feel like pulling a Millie on my masters and leaving the cubicle behind.

But then again, I feel lucky to have a job that lets me leave for five weeks, come back for five weeks, and then leave again for another three weeks. Not much to complain about there, mostly when payday rolls around.

So look over 'dem tourdates and come say hello. I'm pretty excited to add another two states to my collection: Nebraska & Iowa. I think that puts me at 41. Not bad for a twenty-six year old.

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:: 8.04.2003 ::

(listening to: Television: Marquee Moon)

Bah, I was cranky all morning, but lunch with MRA, a pollo asado burrito, and some Peet's iced coffee have drastically improved my mood. Perhaps I was just hungry and sleepy.

Our show with The Libertines on Friday was a lot of fun. The place was packed, there was ample dancing, and the boys from the UK were nice enough. They even applauded our soundcheck, which was mighty sweet. Someone took some pictures of both bands too. It was pretty hot in there.

We're on the every-other-week cycle now, but check out the new MP3 of the week. It's good for putting on at work at about 4:54 PM to take you to that magical five o'clock hour.

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