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:: 8.20.2003 ::

Providence, Rhode Island

Ah, you know you're a sucker when, for the first time in 5 days, you have internet access and you stay up until 4:09 in the morning checking email and your Friendster messages. A couple tall-boys and gin & juices later, I'm still here watching everyone sleep like a crazed drifter.

Tour is going rather well, quite business-like but enjoyable nonetheless. Tonight is our first out of the last 5 nights that we *haven't* slept in a motel room; thank friends who are out of town and thier eager flatmates for that. The shows have been up and down, with Wilkes-Barree, PA being the notable rad-ass point so far in this trip. It feels funny to be away from home for so long, yet at the same time feel so at home in cities you had only been to for the first time a couple months before. I think I'm beginning to become road-worthy, and like so few citizens I feel like the country is a space I know inside and out.

The bands we've been playing with have been good, if not rad, including The Ghost, The Exit, The New Trust, and Mount Saint Helens. Especially The New Trust, damn those songs are good and stuck in my head, and we've only played one show with them so far.

Being on the road this time around has been a lot more comfortable than in the past. We're all getting along famously, I know how to eat on the road and not gain five pounds, and how to manage my cash-flow better. I guess it's all learning by your own example, but I'm starting to feel like this "other part of my life" is totally becoming "a part of my life," a real "this-is-permanent" sort of feeling that is both comforting, rewarding, and freakishly frightening all at the same time.

I miss Miss Rodeo America and the kitties, Bunny and Oscar, so terribly sometimes it makes me ill, but then I fall in love again with the kitties I met last time, in this case the six-toed tabby behemoths who wander this Rhode Island flat. Getting fluffy-fied love always makes me sleep better at night. I wish I could switch days, one on the road, one at home, one on the road, and one at home. To have the ease of travel is truly a lucky option.

Oh, and I hung out with JTB tonight, and the crew was so down it was crazy-fying. I swear, if I could have ditched out on my band member duties for two seconds, I'd *still* be hanging out with that gang. Rhode Island raises 'em right.

It's so sleepy-time-me, I can't even type anymore.

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