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:: 9.12.2003 ::

1932 - 2003

Everyone knew it was inevitable, but still, the loss of Johnny Cash is a very, very sad thing.

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(listening to: The Field Mice: Where'd You Learn To Kiss That Way?)

So, we're going camping this weekend, an activity I've dreaded and avoided most of my life. I mean, you sleep *outside* where bugs and lurking thugs can easily get at you. I'm sure we'll have fun though, although I have no idea how I'll spend the time.

There's a review of the Communiqué EP in Greek that I can't read. Does anyone know anyone who can speak/read/translate Greek? All I can really make out is "...ô??ï? Blink-182 ê?é Candlebox, ôï." I can only hope that "ô??ï?" means "these are bands they sound nothing like." I'm scared.

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:: 9.09.2003 ::

(listening to: The Oranges Band: All Around)

You too can get this year's most catchy bassline stuck in your head, simply watch the video for Josh Rouse's Love Vibration. I think the video is pretty damned good, and shows that you can make something watchable and entertaining on a small budget. If you get as addicted to the song as I am, you can download it from the 9/4/2003's mini-mix below. And get that Vessels track while you're at it, since it's been my favorite the past couple of days.

It's getting cold, so I get to wear my new jacket. Someone said I look like an airplane pilot. Wheee!

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:: 9.08.2003 ::

(listening to: Red House Painters: Songs For A Blue Guitar)

the new trust. toledo, ohio.

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(listening to: Various: The Dog Days Of August, Disc 2)

Holy cowshit, was this a busy weekend.

First off, Junior Senior on Friday kicked major, major ass. I haven't seen a San Francisco crowd so collectively go nuts for one band in probably ever, and the vibe down at the Bottom Of The Hill was great. We played pretty well and definitely had a good time doing it, even though ten seconds into our opening song my entire keyboard stand started falling forwards, causing both me and our guitar player to stop playing in order to catch the falling equipment. Luckily we did, and five seconds later I had the groove back. We had a lot of fun and consumed vast quantities of PBR while watching all our friends shake-it to Mr. Junior, and Mr. Senior.

I promised the Slatch.com board of directors that I'd have pictures, but alas, I forgot my camera, so you'll have to cross your fingers some pop up on the band's website. I was very impressed that they actually had a band with not one, but *two* cute backup singers oohing and aahing their heads off. Good times.

Saturday we had a little party, North Oakland style at my friend Charlie's pad, where I DJ'd for three hours straight. The good times made me tired though, so I bailed out early (if by early, you mean 3:00 AM) and caught some sleep.

Yesterday we drove up to my hometown to wish my mother a happy birthday. She wasn't there when we arrived, so we ate cheap fast food, drank white wine, and watched CMT's 40 Greatest Women In Country Music for most of the afternoon. I swear, everytime I'm in Vacaville, I end up watching countdowns of some sort.

I'm back on the critic-wagon with a review of the new Ambulance LTD EP. We played some shows with them back in June, and they were super nice guys. Their Rhodes player tears it up on the keys. They had the MP3 of the week last week, but since I didn't give it a full 7 days you can still check out Primitive (The Way I Treat You).

New MP3 of the week. Kozelek does some amazing cover songs.

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