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:: 10.31.2003 ::

Greetings from Denver. Ah, the joys of fall/winter band travel hit us last night, and we were greeted on the plains and into the mountains with snow, slush, and lots of ice, which makes driving the van and trailer a whole lotta fun. Last night when we got into Denver we headed downtown for drinks, and to my joy and surprise is began snowing outside. After some slipping on the lawn and a lot of bundling up last night, I woke up this morning to a virtual frozen wonderland outside the window. Weather report says it's 27 degrees out, so I'm carefully deciding whether a walk to get some morning coffee will be a good idea or not, seeing that I don't have any extra clothes with me (the van is staying somewhere else) and very little in the form warm clothing.

But hey, then again, I like coffee.

Looks like our weekend driving back to the West Coast is going to be full of cold and snow, luckily, we're a careful bunch.

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:: 10.26.2003 ::

Greeting from Brooklyn. Too much to recap, but we've spent 4 days and 4 nights in New York, doing everything from playing shows to spending hours looking for parking, and everything in between. Late last night we finished a string of 3 shows in 24 hours, including an afternoon matinee yesterday in New Jersey, about 2 hours from New York City. CMJ is a crazy, crazy time...it just seems like every band are here, and that half the people we know from the Bay Area are here, so it's non-stop visiting people action.

Highlights include many drinks with Minus The Bear and the Velvet Teen down at the Motor City bar, and some crazy backstage action with Against Me!, who are, by the way, by new favorite band, and my new best friends. So much love for those guys that I can't even correctly fit it into a sentence. Go see them on tour, they're in Quebec City tonight. Crazy how they could get so far away from us in so little time.

Today begins the jaunt back west, well, kinda. We're heading on down towards Norfolk, VA to start our tour proper with Tora Tora Torrance!, and then a quick cut west and some overnight drives. Excited to visit Kentucky (another state I've never been to) and incredibly excited to get home.

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