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:: 11.10.2003 ::

(listening to: Spoon: Girls Can Tell)

Ah, work. Feels like I was just here, given the bang bang bang events of this weekend, driving from one thing to another and seeing about a million people (which is very good) in the process. This is the last week my work is a fully functioning pharmacy, and most of my co-workers have greeted Monday with a barrage of calling in sick, or "calling in interview-for-another-job" as I like to call it.

On the one hand, things are really quiet and nice here, on the other there's more work for me to do. Still, I'm bored out of my skull, and I left my keys at home, which means that my music listening apparatus are locked away in my drawer, collecting cold dust while my new CDs (that Sun Kil Moon album and a collection of Monroe Brothers tunes) are left sad and lonely in my bag. Actually, the only thing I have to listen to is this Spoon record. Things could be worse.

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