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:: 11.21.2003 ::

(listening to: Swervedriver: Mezcal Head)

Climate Wars: I just decided to go with Miss Rodeo America to Chicago for New Years, then four days after we return, we're both going to Hawaii for my Mom's wedding. I love being unemployed!

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:: 11.20.2003 ::

(listening to: The Weakerthans: Left & Leaving)

Kinda funny, dont' you think, that Phil Spector gets arraigned on murder charges the same day that The Beatles re-release Let It Be stripped of Spector's production influence? Ah, life *is* grand!

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:: 11.19.2003 ::

(listening to: Faith No More: The Real Thing)

Work is weird. I spend all day cleaning stuff out and throwing junk away. You wouldn't believe how much crap we are destroying/recycling/returning/shredding/taking home with us. It feels pretty odd seeing the place I've worked in and around for the past six years or so look so disassembled...and all the people there for the most part gone and never to be heard from again.

I myself found out that my last day will be on the 28th: the day *after* Thanksgiving, and a day I had planned to take off to enjoy the company of friends. Guess I'll work now though, since I do like being on the cash-train.

Weird times though, since not only is my job ending, my friend Gwynster moved to Chicago via a massive roadtrip and a holiday-season in Virginia on Monday. Lots of people coming and going, and for once, I seem to be included in the chaos.

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:: 11.17.2003 ::

(listening to: The Sea & Cake: The Fawn)

Phew! Finally updated that side bar so that what you now see is what I am actually listening to these days instead of what I was listening to, oh, back in September. I'm so on the new releases train it's not even funny!

You know, I'm a sucker who's about a year behind, but I've totally been rockin' out to The Rapture while cooking dinner. Every single night. The Rapture + me cooking = dance party in the kitchen. It's a really good album to stir sauce to, I swear. I saw them play at a warehouse in Oakland circa 1998, but hadn't heard anything since until I was conviced by Jordan, Against Me!'s merch-guy extraordinaire, and Best Buy's low $6.99 (!!!) sticker price. Not too shabby.

Communiqué practice four nights a week these days. We're on the "write a song a day plan" before we head into the studio to record our first LP on December 1st, and I'm really happy with how the songs are turning out. I can't *wait* to hear them on big fat 2-inch analog tape.

Listen to that MP3 of the week and go make yourself a quesadilla.

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