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:: 12.04.2003 ::

(listening to: BRMC: Take Them On, On Your Own)

Tomorrow is my last day of the jobby-job, and then on Monday I start my "other" job, mainly, going to a recording studio for 10 hours a day and laying down some tracks for our debut LP. I am officially getting paid to record music. It's a pretty good feeling, even though I've been down in the dumps for the past couple of days.

Had a good time watching The OC last night and drinking the High Life. Did anyone else catch the indie-boy character's presents for his two lady friends? Something along the lines of "...you've got The Goonies, Death Cab, Bright Eyes, and The Shins, what more could you need?" Damn, plug plug plug plug, plug plug plug. FOX knows their shit, and since my brother is the assistant music supervisor on the show, I like to think that he had something to do with it.

Bored again at work, but at least I'm back in my office. Getting things organized, figured out, even got my Top Ten list pretty much finalized even though I didn't get around to listening to a bunch of records by the "the" bands (wrens, decemberists, fruit bats, stills) and that record by South that my brother thinks I'd be hooked on. Oh well! I've already got a list of 15, it's just time to whittle.

Oh, and I'm full of Indian food, so things can't be too bad, right?

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:: 12.02.2003 ::

(listening to: Various: All the (!)Blackyellowblack MP3 of the week archives)

Oh Lord, help me out of this office pit. You see, my boss had to run to Denver for two days (and I was unable to convince her that she needed me as her personal assistant for the trip), so I can't get into my office (because my office is in the pharmacy, and you can't go *in* the pharmacy unless a pharmacist is there, hence me sitting at the receptionist's desk). On the good side, I have my stereo and a fast computer to play with, on the other side: I STILL HAVE 3 MORE HOURS TO KILL. You see, there is nothing for me to do here. Nothing. I asked, I pleaded, I did some filing, now I am just siting here. Sitting here, for three more hours.

I was reminded that it *is* December, so I should really put together some sort of Top Ten list since both Thrown Askew and Ryan over at The Catbirdseat are on the ball. Also, check out Ryan's monthly MP3 mixes, 'cause they *always* rule the school.

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