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:: 12.19.2003 ::

Word on the street is that the mixing board we're using to record our record with is the same board that they used on both Steely Dan's Aja and Pink Floyd's The Wall. Too funny.

I went outside to get a snack and some coffee and it was pouring down rain. I'm telling myself I'm stuck in the studio in hopes of getting more keyboard tracks done.

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New MP3 of the week, so check it out. I'm actually addicted to a helluva lot of songs right now, so finding the right choice was hard. I swear, if you love indiepop, indierock, mod stuff, '70s pub rock, or anything that sounds like Spoon or Elvis Costello, you have to check out this track by Keys. I have no idea who the band is, or if they ever put anything else out, but this single is full of jangly goodness.

I can't find many details on the 'Shake Some Action' CD series, but there seems to be almost ten volumes of it with songs from all over the world. I'm trying to get my hands on some more, since I only have volume one. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Amazon.com has volumes 2, 4, and 6 available online, but they're all about $20. Yikes.

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:: 12.16.2003 ::

My calm days now go as follows: wake up early, only a little bit after when I woke up when I was working full-time, drive Miss Rodeo America to work, get some coffee at Peet's, come home check the email, do a chore (laundry/packing/cleaning/errands) before I take a shower. After my shower I put on some records (today I dressed to John Cougar, it was fun times) then make breakfast burritos in the kitchen, usually listening to either The Rapture or Against Me! while I stir and season. After break-lunch I get on my bike and head down to the studio, where I sit all day listening to guitar overdubs or fiddling with the Farfisa or the Wurlitzer piano until it gets late and I head out to get some Chai before going home to hang out with MRA.

Yeah, I'm pretty happy. And recording is going very well and the songs are sounding excellent. I can't wait to share them.

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