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:: 1.08.2004 ::

(listening to: Buck Owens: On The Bandstand)

life: 2004

Our new house finally feels like a home now that the kitties are going outside, I've made over a dozen breakfast burritos, Miss Rodeo America unpacked her books, and I finally got my records out of the box. After a little wire fiddling, I've got the turntable hooked up to the (rather nice) computer speakers, and I couldn't be happier. Things are finally looking up here in the East Bay.

Of course, now that I'm finally feeling a tad bit grounded, I leave Saturday for Hawaii for six days of good food, champagne, beaches, and a little bit of sun (check my weather, jealous?) Seriously though, hitting a climate as nice as this after leaving the snowy, frozen streets of Chicago is going to be rather shocking. I'm looking forward to it.

Thanks to the good folk at catbirdseat.org, I've found a ton of new music to listen to. Check out his January MP3 mix, I'm especially enamored with that Hidden Cameras track...where have I been and why haven't I heard of a band that echoes the good parts of The Magnetic Fields so well?

One weird feeling of note: when I get back from Hawaii the Communiqu? record should be mixed, mastered, and delivered. Very odd to think that in a week's time I'll have an amazing record that I've helped make in my hands. Of course, it won't be releaed until May or so, but still...very exciting.

MP3 of the week: Something to look forward to in March, other than our trip to SXSW: a new Modest Mouse album. I'm super into "Float On," which is, as I remember, the *only* good song when I saw them play live a couple months ago. This is the live version from ZED (I think), but it sounds tre-excellent. I just hope the rest of the album delivers.

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:: 1.07.2004 ::

(listening to: Modest Mouse: New Live Songs)

crappy camera photos :: chicago, 2004

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:: 1.06.2004 ::

(listening to: Gram Parsons: The Gram Parsons Anthology)

Had a rockin', dancin' New Years in Chicago, braved a snowstorm or two and made it home in one piece. Now I'm back to business at the recording studio (ten hours or so of Hammond organ today, phew!), that is, until we hit Hawaii this weekend.

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