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:: 1.16.2004 ::

(listening to: Rockpile: Seconds Of Pleasure)

kaua'i, hawai'i, january 2004

Ah, aloha. While all you folks were freezing up there in the ole' Northeast, me and the family-crew were busy eating fresh fish, looking at tropical creatures underwater, and swimming everyday. I even got sunburned all over my back (and felt silly about it). Hawaii was, needless to say, *amazing* and beautiful, and we're already planning activities to do on a return trip. Seriously wonderful and beautiful there, if you do plan a trip, go to Kauai 'cause it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less populated than tourist places like Oahu, greener, cheaper, and generally prettier. Plus the locals were really nice.

I miss the island already. Stupid West Coast!

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