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:: 1.23.2004 ::

(listening to: The Rosebuds: therosebudsmakeout)

the ex-enemies

One of the unintended results of moving to a new house is it seems that Bunny & Oscar have finally become real kitty friends. Since neither of them lived here first, they've seemingly decided to share the territory. Although they still play-fight pretty roughly, overall, I think they're pals...and it's so damned cute! The above photo would have been absolutely *unthinkable* at our old house a mere 4 weeks ago, and now it's a semi-regular occurence.

Off to the studio. The new record will be done by Sunday, and I can't *wait* to hear it.

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:: 1.21.2004 ::

(listening to: Squeeze: East Side Story)

I'm taking advantage of my afternoon off mixing (we're not starting until the evening) to EBAY a few items, including my Grandaddy 7" collection, which includes very rare early hand-numbered single. I hate to part with it since I've had it for nearly 10 years, but I got to afford my music-playing ways somehow! Fun times.

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(listening to: Miles Davis: Complete In A Silent Way Sessions)

So, so sleepy from another straight 12 hour day of mixing in the studio. It's good to hear songs in their just-about-finished-format, but damn, when you hear them or parts of them 50 - 70 times a day, it can get quite maddening.

I got a new computer, and we got our new DSL connection up and running, so I finally feel like I'm out of the digital dark ages. It was looking pretty grim there for six months or so, trying to communicate on a machine that was 7 years old and with a crappy dialup connection. Things are definitely looking up in our new house...even the kitties seem content! You know if that happens, you're in for a good life.

New MP3 of the week up. The Maddox Brothers & Rose have really grown on me lately, mostly after my initial listens left me puzzled. How could a Wester Honky Tonk band be so bizarre? But really, I'm digging these songs more and more. The lead on "Whoa Sailor" is sung by Fred, but Rose gets her licks in there as well.

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