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:: 1.30.2004 ::

(listening to: Bob Dylan: Bringing It All Back Home)

I've spent a lot of time at the post office up the street lately, shipping off books, CDs, and records to fine people around the world (I took special time addressing a Grandaddy single to Switzerland yesterday). Yesterday they had a sheet of these Roy Acuff stamps sitting out on the table, and I had to pick up a couple. I never know why people opt for stupid flag or hearts stamps when the USPS throw down some fly product like these. Now I'm just waiting for the Buck Owens or Lefty Frizzell series.

Our bass player is off traveling around France and England right now, and sent the band this fine email:

we got in yesterday and got lots of sleep last night. the train from the airport had a final destination of Cockfosters, so of course I thought of you all. it snowed last night, pretty cold even for here. more later, time almost up -


Nice to know that even halfway across the world he can still cracks jokes direct at us....or our moms.

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:: 1.27.2004 ::

(listening to: Various: Doo-Wop Box, Volume One)

pier 39, san francisco

Ah, today is truly my first day "off" since I've been home from travelling. What that means is that the Communique record is *done*, save for mastering. Ten rather awesome songs (if I do say so myself) that I'm really proud of.

Yesterday we headed up to Sonoma County to take some photos for the record, and ended up drinking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much cheap wine and then going to eat hamburgers. Fun times, and the pictures should be back soon. I think tomorrow I'm going to duplicate my Sonoma County adventures of yore (from the times I drove up there for work) and take a little wintery drive. That is, if the weather cooperates.

MP3 of the week: The Velvet Teen are from Santa Rosa and have really grown on me since I first heard them last year. They're busy recording a new mini-album that should hit the streets in May. After you're done checking out "The Prize Fighter" head on over to their site for another dose.

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