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:: 3.03.2004 ::

(listening to: Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys: Basin Street Blues)

hank thompson as beer

New MP3 of the week, and guess what? It's actually *not* a country song, but a great song from the pioneers of Los Angeles Paisley Pop, the Three O'Clock. I've had this song stuck in my head ever since an ex-girlfriend of mine put this on the first mixtape she made me (awww....). I couldn't decide between the cool horns of "When Lightning Stars," or the 80's rock of "Jet Fighter," so there, you get both.

I picked up this Hank Thompson LP the other day for 1.98 and it's got some *great* songs on it ("Hangover Tavern," Hangover Heart," all songs about beer & wine!) Kinda goes with the Minimix #8 (see below). Nothing better than country songs about drinkin'!

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:: 3.02.2004 ::

(listening to: The Kinks: "Too Much Monkey Business">

fleetwood mac, circa 1977

...all I'm saying is that I'm finally read to start putting my records onto my iPod, and I'll be damned if Rumours, Thriller. Make It Big. and some Steely Dan wax aren't first in line. I heart technology.

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:: 3.01.2004 ::

(listening to: The Notwist: "Pilot")

jacob from ohio and me @ the recording studio

The Communique record is finally finished! It's still untitled, although we have some possibles floating around. It will be out on May 18th on Lookout!, with the vinyl on Sabot Productions out of Gainesville, Florida. We're also doing a DJ 12" single to come out a month before the LP (hopefully!), so DJs let me know so we can get one in your little wax-lovin' hands.

Also, we *are* going to Austin for South By Southwest, and I'm going to stay a few days longer than the rest of the crew, so watch out. Phew! Check out our SXSW page here, and if you're going to be in town, pencil us in at 11:00 on Thursday evening as part of the Lookout! records showcase. Fun times ahead!

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