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:: 3.16.2004 ::

(listening to: Various: iTunes "Blues" Mix)

my new piece of musical equipment

I'm getting all set to head to Austin tomorrow for SXSW 2004, six full days of music, merriment, and desperately trying to find a place to stay each night (feel free to email me with offers to sleep in your house/apartment/hotel suite/mansion on a hill). Instead of playing keyboards this time though, I'm going to be playing the furry, adorable (but dirty) kitten. Bunny wants to go with me to Austin, see?

Anyway, I've been bogged down with practing for our show (Thursday @ 11:00 at the Beauty Bar at the Ritz), watching MST3K episodes with Miss Rodeo America, and loading up my iPod with vinyl goodies to listen to on the plane. Flying somewhere for a show is *a lot* of work, trust me.

Last night while driving around town running errands I got the bright idea to rent a bicycle while I'm in Austin so that I can jet around town (and make it to the Peet's on Guadalupe). I don't really like driving, and I don't really like walking as a mode of transport either, so I think having a bike to get around will be a great idea. Now I'm looking forward to getting away from 6th Street and hiding out in the neighborhoods.

Any friends who will be in town and want to hook-up for drinks/shows/frollicking send me an email today to exchange digits. See you in a week!

PS: New MP3 of the week, this one is extra special. Shhh!

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