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:: 4.02.2004 ::

(listening to: OK Go: OK Go)

It's been a good day, that is, when I could get out of the horrendous traffic suffocating the East Bay. All times out of the car = great! All times spent inside the car = frustrating!

But I'm home now and drinking coffee and listening to some new CDs. Getting ready for dinner tonight and a good weekend, dammit.

Check out the video for OK Go's "Don't Ask Me". Quirky and silly, I know, but I love how the keyboardist jumps over the organ bench and begins playing...and I wonder how many times it took them to get that right. Sadly, the record is pretty mediocre. Damn!

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:: 3.31.2004 ::

(listening to: The Afghan Whigs: "Debonair")

New MP3 of the week. I am the luckiest soul on the planet 'cause I get to see the Oranges Band play pretty often, and we even did a mini-tour with them. Such good stuff, jangly pop numbers with great melodies...Roman even played in Spoon for awhile. They're another example of Lookout! changing the way people think about the label: Ted Leo / Pharmacists, Evening, The Washdown, and of course my band all fit outside Lookout!'s "ususal" description of a band, and I'm really excited to be a part of it. I was dancing around to "Success" this morning while getting dressed and knew it had to be the MP3 of the week.

You can get more Oranges Band MP3s here from their album All Around, and another song from On TV here, and some assorted songs on the Oranges Band site.

The building they tore down yesterday is gone. Flattened into the ground, and it only took them about 4 hours. It's a really creepy change in the view from our house, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I'm off to Sonoma County to get wine, bread, and tamales. Such a gorgeous day for it too.

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:: 3.30.2004 ::

(listening to: AC/DC: "Bad Boy Boogie")

The view from the back of our house is/was this burned out medical building, but after sitting there boarded up and fenced off for a couple of years, they're finally tearing it down today. It's a mixed blessing, since it is an eyesore and attracted squatters and hooligans, but then again it did keep the kitties from venturing too far from our house and into the busy intersection on the other side of this building. Then again, if they build something else on this lot, we'll have months of early morning construction noise.

Still not sure how I feel overall, but it sure is attracting a crowd of onlookers. This is the view from the back window of my house, it's really close (and kinda loud!)

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:: 3.29.2004 ::

(listening to: The Lovemakers: "Set Me Free")

I was standing outside at Emo's last Sunday and my firend Jeff introduced me to Lisa from The Lovemakers, a electro-pop trio from Oakland who I had yet to hear. I finally remembered to check out their website today, and was bombarded with cool euro dance pop with synth beats and straight up Human League vocal stylings. Check out the video for "Internet Girlfriend" (Quicktime) or the MP3s for "Dance" and "See Me Free" if you need to get your 80's fix today.

I took a walk this afternoon and mailed some packages and then sat in a cafe and finished my book on the fall of Berlin during World War 2. It felt like I was back in college, and it felt great!

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