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:: 4.14.2004 ::

(listening to: The Wicked Farleys: Sustained Interest)

Everything I Know I Learned From The Catbirdseat:

I think half of the new releases I've heard this year have been based almost exclusively on Ryan's advice, and he always finds all the good video links! Check out the video for Royal City's "Bad Luck," which is a damned fine song off of a damned fine album.

When Communiqué came to his town, he bought us shots and beer and danced with us until he disappeared into the Ohio night. The only indication that he was still alive was because he left a Maestro Echoplex CD on our host's porch for me (that, and I saw him in Austin a few weeks ago).

Speaking of Communiqué, someone leaked our record, so its, uh, out there. Woo! Eh.

I'm going to Sonoma Count to eat tamales now.

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:: 4.13.2004 ::

(listening to: Steve Earle: The Mountain)

I'm feel lazy after my late night last night, but who can beat free drinks at the bar before, during, and after our show @ the arrow in san francisco. So much fun, what with the DJs, the vodka tonics, and the really great/fun show we put on for the assembled crowd. I had a great time, but had to sleep in this morning for the first non-weekend time in modern memory.

Did I mention that I found out we have free cable? Well, we have free cable, so I've been keeping tabs on the bad VH1 shows and the NHL playoffs for the past few days, Miss Rodeo America and I also rented a stack of movies to take in so there has been a lot of couch-sitting / kitty petting in front of the tube lately, which has actually been pretty comforting since the weather has turned from faux-summery to very real windy/chilliness. No worries though when you're living on the rock-block.

Minimix ten is coming soon once I can get some sort of image editor.

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