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:: 4.30.2004 ::

(listening to: The Pixies: Live: Minneapolis, MN 4/13/2004)

Damn, listening to the Pixies' first live show on their comeback tour thingy makes me want to go out on the road and play live for lots of people. Good thing we are! I leave tomorrow for a week of California dates on a tour with some other bands. Stop by and say hello, hear lots of songs from our new record, and show all the punk kids how to dance. Don't forget to download our new song, "Perfect Weapon."

Communiqué 6-Day Tour, May 2004
5.02.2004 - Phoenix, AZ @ The Old Brickhouse
5.04.2004 - Anaheim, CA @ House Of Blues
5.05.2004 - San Francisco, CA @ The Grand Ballroom
5.06.2004 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Henry Fonda Theatre
5.07.2004 - Santa Barbara, CA @ The Coach House
5.08.2004 - San Diego, CA @ SOMA

I missed the Pixies show last night 'cause we didn't get tickets, but I am comforted by the fact that they played at the same venue outside of Sacramento where I saw my first show (Fishbone) at age 15. Rock!

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:: 4.28.2004 ::

(listening to: Low: "Born By The Wires")

01. Streets & Avenues - Talent On Loan From God (MP3 / 7.48 MB)

The first recording I ever played on was a split 7" with the east east bay band Mercury, who broke up either right before or right after we did. I still think it's a good record, and since there has been a sudden and (unexplainable?) resurgence in S + A demo downloads (click on 'permanent MP3s') I've decided to post another track. Enjoy.

I am, again, going to drive an hour north to eat tamales today.

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:: 4.27.2004 ::

(listening to: The Carter Family: "The Storms Are On The Ocean")

oscar eats grass.
When they make the movie of your life
They're going to have to ask you
To do your own stunts
Because nobody nobody nobody
Could pull off the same shit as you
And still come out alright.

It's hottt in the bay area, hot enough for three T's, I swear. The kitties are huddling up under any available shade and I've got a gallon of water and a fan. We're making it work.

Alameda woman obsessed with Buck Owens after a trip to Bakersfield. A year and a half ago Miss Rodeo America and I headed down to see him play at his Crystal Palace and it was closed (and kinda tacky). A couple months ago he played at Bimbo's 365 club in San Francisco and I forgot. Someone should kick me! I swear though, taking the Amtrak down to Bakersfield sounds rad.

An open letter to a San Francisco crackhead. Love it. *LOVE* it. M.R.A. finds the best links and shows me good websites while we eat Vietnamese sandwiches for lunch. Those are the best days.

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:: 4.26.2004 ::

(listening to: Stellastarr*: Stellastarr*)

mexico city, 1997

Ugh, nothing demonstrates the fragility of my demeanor like the pointless shedding of precious cashola. I got my first Oakland parking ticket today in my 8 years of living here, and the fucker is $48, and I got it right in front of my own damned house. Needless to say I was all pissed, but now time (and some kitty petting) has smoothed out my mood for a bit.

This weekend was sun sun sun, and of course, fun fun fun! Friday night was a great dinner and then some drinks downtown (where the DJ promptly sucked most of the life out the room), Saturday was a pool party / new kitten viewing at our friend's new apartment, then a quick impromptu barbecue in our backyard, complete with sausages and lazy chair frisbee, then back to the pool party apartment for a late-night movie (Better Off Dead, I'd never seen it, it was alright). By this time I was exhausted and crashed on the couch with a glass of wine and watched the TV for awhile before I crawled into bed like it was a bunker.

Yesterday we headed down the peninsula in the hot sun for yet another barbecue, this one at my friend's new place in Redwood City, where we ate burgers and played with their adorable 1.5 year old daughter. It was also the closest thing to an Amscray reunion, with 4 of 5 members in attendance. Speaking of, looks like they relaunched the website and put an MP3 up. After the drive home we had some friends over to watch Police Academy (well, it seemed like a good idea at the time), some more wine, then reading in bed until I conked out. Phew!

Today I'm gettin' things done, for sure.

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