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:: 5.21.2004 ::

(listening to: The Verve: "This Time")

me with against me!

The above photo is from our fun-loving night #1 at CMJ in New York last year. That's me with Warren from Against Me!, with Brendan from The Lawrence Arms and Andrew from Against Me! in the background, and a slumped over Steve-O next to Warren. It was so cold that night that we had to run between the hotel and the bar where Fat Wreck Chords were buying the drinks. I cropped Ryan out of the photo 'cause, well, he doesn't look like he's feeling too well.

I had an afternoon date with myself yesterday and went out to the Oakland v. Detroit baseball game, ate a burrito at the ballpark and had a nice, quiet afternoon. Yesterday evening Miss Rodeo America and I took walk around the 'hood and got some ice cream and pet strange kitties before we headed back to the house to watch an evening of VH1 countdowns and a documentary on Mount St. Helens. Total good times.

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:: 5.19.2004 ::

(listening to: Hank Williams: "Lovesick Blues")

Is it just me, or are Muse really, really overrated? I remember when they played at Popscene in San Francisco back in 1997 or 1998, and they were supposed to be "the next big thing" or "the next Radiohead" back then, and now they're, well, still in the same place, and still really boring. I don't get it.

For you Bay Area folks, Cory from Absolutely Kosher Records will be playing some songs on Live 105.3 FM this afternoon between 4:00 and 5:00. He'll be dropping a new Court & Spark track for your listening pleasure. Speaking of, their new EP (out June 15th) and especially the new album, Witch Season (out in August), are phenomenal.

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:: 5.17.2004 ::

(listening to: The Killers: "Why Don't You Find Out?")

Ouch. I woke up all sore and a bit groggy, felt like I must have been drinking cheap beer in the sun half the day yesterday while playing baseball. Must have been Indie Rock Baseball Sunday in Oakland! Too bad my team blew our 6 run lead after I left to go to band practice. I'm going to have to do some rearranging to avoid these scheduling conflicts from now on.

THe Killers cover Morrisey [MP3]. (via melodynelson) I so want to tour with these guys, it's not even funny.

The new Streets album is out tomorrow. I found it online last week and think it's pretty fly, although some of the songs sort of lack that locked-in feel that attracted me to the band in the first place. Still, anything that sounds like a musical version of Irvine Welsh's book Glue is fine by me. Check out the video for the "Fit But You Know It" here: [.wmv] [.real]

A new little feature I've added to is the iTunes Top 25 over there on the left. I'll update it around the same time I update the MP3 of the week, which is supposed to be every Sunday, but, you know how those things go. It also helped me pick the MP3 of the week, since I can't get this song by The Donkeys out of my head. As to the chart, I can tell you that "Float On" is very ingrained in the top spot. I'm still not tired of hearing it even though they played it during a San Jose Sharks highlight reel the other night. Wow.

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