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:: 5.28.2004 ::

(listening to: Bruce Springsteen: "Thundercrack")

communiqué's poison arrows out june 15th on lookout! records

Phew! So, after a couple days of heavy html-ing and a slew of phone calls, we have our new record Poison Arrows ready for pre-order (which you can do by clicking here and ordering it!) Be a pal and make us/me feel good, and you'll even get a big poster with a photo of me on it on which you can draw devil horns and moustaches and whatnot.

You can still listen to the first single, Perfect Weapon, by clicking here, and if that's not enough for you, amazon.com has a bunch of samples you can listen to. Don't buy it from them though, 'cause we have it cheaper.

If you're a Californian you should definitely come to one of our 2 CD release shows next week. The first is going to be on Thursday, June 3rd at Popscene in San Francisco, and will feature DJs drinks and dancing 'til 2 or 3 AM. We play at 11:00, so make sure you don't miss that, duh!

For the Southern California lot of you, we're playing an EARLY show on Saturday June 5th at The Echo on Sunset in the Echo Park / Silverlake area. Not sure exactly what time we play, but 9:00 is a good guess!

You'll also be able to purchase the new CD at either of these shows and have it almost 2 weeks before it's in stores, so that's something, and I'd love to see some folks there.

I was now going to talk about how I've been listening to a lot of old blues lately, but I think I'd rather take a shower and get some lunch. Later later later...

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:: 5.24.2004 ::

(listening to: Iron & Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days)

Millie is back. For all I know, she could have been writing for months, but I forgot to check. Hallelujah!

(4:13 PM) :: (link)

(listening to: The Court & Spark: Witch Season)

So I'm only a morning behind today, and there's a new MP3 of the week and a slightly updated iTunes Top 25.

We played with Mando Diao last year, and I wasn't really impressed with their Beatle-esque dress and attitude (not to mention the half-filled room), but their sound and instrumentation (B-3 organ and Voxs and Rickenbackers everywhere!) piqued my curiosity. I finally got around to checking out their debut LP, Bring 'Em In. I have to admit, this shit is catchy and their attitude translates much better on record than during their live set. I think I've put "The Band" on just about every sort of BBQ or party mix I've made this year. You can check out the video here, as well as the videos for the other two singles from this record.

We won't talk about this weekend, although I will say I'm swearing off whiskey for a long, long time.

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